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Print date: 18-11-2018
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Britain supports Yemen in fighting terrorism
[07/July/2007] LONDON, July 07(Saba)- Britain has denounced the suspected al-Qaeda terrorist attack that targeted last Monday a convoy of Spanish
tourists in the eastern Yemeni province of Marib, a British official said.

In his meeting with Yemeni ambassador to Britain Mohammed Mustafa, the general director of political affairs in British Foreign
Ministry Mark Grant expressed deep sorrow and condolence to the victims\' families.

Grant pointed out the British government\'s support to Yemen efforts in fighting terrorism in the framework of the international partnership.

\"Terrorism is an international phenomenon targeting and threatening every country. We must focus all international efforts for
challenging and repressing them,\" said Grant.

Grant hailed the growing level of cooperation relations between the two countries in all terms, affirming his country\'s keenness to
develop and enhance them.

The Yemeni ambassador expressed Yemen\'s appreciation for the British government that supports Yemen in field of development, reforms and building establishment capacities.