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Print date: 19-12-2018
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Yemen, Somalia agree on protecting fishermen

SANA\'A, July 05 (Saba)- Ministry of Fisheries Wealth and Somalia Ministry of Fisheries, Ports, Marine Transport and Marine Resources
signed Thursday a cooperation agreement on protecting fishermen.

The agreement came to ensure the protection of traditional fishermen in the territorial waters of Yemen or Somalia, minister of fisheries
wealth Mahmoud al-Saghiri said on the sideline of the signing.

The Somali minister of fisheries Saed Mohamed described the agreement as \"a new beginning of enhancement the Yemeni-Somalia relations\", pointing out that this agreement would provide fishermen with more freedom of mobility and production.

\"We have huge responsibilities for protecting Yemeni fishermen from the marine piracy operations\" the Somali official said.

Yemen and Somalia reached an agreement on cooperating in combating illegal fishing and piracy acts in the territorial waters of the two countries.

The two sides agreed also on encouraging investments in fisheries wealth area, protecting the maritime environment, organizing the fishing seasons in Yemen and Somalia\'s territorial waters in addition to exchanging scientific and technical expertise.