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Al-Mashat congratulates Indonesia’s President on Independence Day
[17 August 2018]
FM congratulates Afghan counterpart on National Day
[17 August 2018]
Competition for provincial teams of kickboxing kicks off in capital
[17 August 2018]
SPC approve to extend term of President al-Mashat
[16 August 2018]
FM sends 2 messages to UN general-secretary and to head, members of SC on coalition' crimes
[16 August 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
10 Saudi-led air strikes hit Sanaa
[18 August 2018]
Protest rally in Taiz holds against Saudi aggression crimes
[18 August 2018]
Army escalates offensives against Saudi-paid mercenaries over 24 hours
[18 August 2018]
Ballistic missile , Badr 1, targets new Saudi forces camp in Najran
[18 August 2018]
2 civilians killed, 2 injured by Saudi' airstrikes on Hodeidah
[18 August 2018]
Yemeni Socotra beauty code: Report
[18 August 2018]
Report: Army inflicts Saudi-led mercenaries losses in lives, equipments over past 24 hours
[14 August 2018]
11 Civilians killed, 18 others injured in Saudi-led airstrikes over past 24 hours : Report
[14 August 2018]
Dozens of Saudi-backed militiamen killed, injured in Najran, Asir, Jizan: Report
[13 August 2018]
Report: Army launches missile attacks on Saudi-led mercenaries over past 24 hours
[13 August 2018]
Saudi extremist regime commits genocide in Yemen : Slovakian Parliament
[15 August 2018]
Deputy PM, UN official stress doubling efforts to combat cholera
[06 August 2018]
ICRC condemns Saudi airstrikes on Hodeidah hospital
[04 August 2018]
Health minister stresses enhancing cooperation with WHO
[01 August 2018]
Al-Masirah TV reporter injured in Saudi border shelling
[01 August 2018]
Al - Thawry, Dec 2 , 2004
[10/December/2004] Main Headlines:
- Chairman of the YSP in parliament requests accountability of the minister of interior
- Regional parliamentary organization against corruption formed

Columnist Abdulbari Tahir says terror in Yemen is not an inevitable destiny or a trait that could not be ridden of or a characteristic attributed to Arabs and Muslims, as some Zionist circles try to visualize it.
Terror in Yemen has its roots in the structure and thinking and has extension into history. The tribal construction mostly resorts to weapons to decide and settle disputes that could not be decided by the use of arms. Disputes among families, on pastures and tribal boundaries and the like could be continuous for years and their victims can be in tens.
If the tribal heritage in itself based on continuous fighting, it has also associated in Yemen historically with the principle of fighting the tyrannous imam and this covers an important part of the history. When the Yemeni revolution took place in September 1962, it was confronted with a fierce war characterized by tribal and religious stamp for seven years. The conflict between the north and the south also was characterized by the religious stamp.

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