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Republican Decree appoints Minister of Communications and Information Technology
[16 December 2017]
President Al-Sammad meets parliamentary bloc of Ibb Province
[16 December 2017]
President Al-Sammad and Minister of Agriculture discuss work performance in agricultural sector
[16 December 2017]
Republican decree appoints minister of interior
[13 December 2017]
FM, UN Humanitarian Coordinator discuss cooperation aspects
[13 December 2017]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army fires ballistic missile on Saudi-paid mercenaries in Nehm
[17 December 2017]
3 civilians killed, 3 injured in US-Saudi airstrikes on Hodeidah market
[17 December 2017]
Army fires rockets, artillery on mercenaries in Lahj
[17 December 2017]
US-Saudi air strike targets Sanaa
[17 December 2017]
Army attacks on mercenaries' sites in Jawf
[17 December 2017]
Feature: Untold story on Yemen's tourism, green, peaceful city, safe home for all IDPs■
[12 November 2017]
Report: 49 Yemeni civilians killed in 212 Saudi aggression airstrikes in six days
[05 April 2017]
Roundup: 1107 Saudi airstrikes kill 135 Yemeni civilians in March
[29 March 2017]
Roundup: Saudi kills 15 Yemeni civilians in 112 airstrikes on Yemen in 3 days
[25 March 2017]
Report: Saudi kills 68 in 301 airstrikes on Yemen in 7 days
[23 March 2017]
Yemen strongly condemns terrorist attack in Egypt
[25 November 2017]
President al-Sammad sends condolences to Sisi over deadly attack on Egypt mosque
[25 November 2017]
FM meets WFP official
[03 October 2017]
FM meets Russian charge d'affaires
[03 October 2017]
Yemen strongly condemns Las Vegas terrorist attack
[03 October 2017]
Al-THAWRY, November 4.
[05/November/2004] Al-Thawry, opposition weekly mouthpiece of the Yemeni Socialist Party published a leading article, by exe-vice chairman of the Yemeni Revolution Leadership Council, Dr Abdul-Rahman Al-Baidhani, dealt with the corruption problem.

Dr Al-Baidhani talked about corruption and corruptors as a very old phenomenon well known throughout the humankind history irrespective of the forms of political regimes. He said “ we should not be proud that we toppled the theocratic political system and set up the republican one because the problem is not with the form of the regime but in its capacity to lead the peoples into prosperity and welfare”.

The writer went on reciting his arguments that corruption is begetting backwardness , poverty, unemployment and tyranny. “ Corruption usually brings about mismanagement , misuse of the public authority and stealing the public fund. Consequently there used to be two types of corruptors, high rank officials and lower officers”. He said.

Al-Baidhani stated that , while he was holding the office as member of the revolution leadership council , he suggested the capital penalty as a punishment for the state’s officers who committed the bribery after their salaries being redoubled to meet their needs. I signed on a republican decree of two articles.
The first one redoubling the states officers, policemen and military salaries.
Second article, applying the capital penalty on the one who committed bribery.

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