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Republican decree appoints minister of interior
[13 December 2017]
FM, UN Humanitarian Coordinator discuss cooperation aspects
[13 December 2017]
President, FM reviews national, international developments
[10 December 2017]
President meets sheikhs, dignitaries of Mahweet province
[10 December 2017]
President, PM discuss current situation on national scene
[09 December 2017]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army inflicts heavy losses upon mercenaries in Nehm front line
[16 December 2017]
Army attacks Saudi-paid mercenaries in Marib
[15 December 2017]
US-Saudi air strikes kill 2 women in.Saada
[15 December 2017]
Army attacks mercenary sites in Marib
[15 December 2017]
Over 50 aggressive airstrikes kill 23 civilians in Taiz and Saada
[15 December 2017]
Feature: Untold story on Yemen's tourism, green, peaceful city, safe home for all IDPs■
[12 November 2017]
Report: 49 Yemeni civilians killed in 212 Saudi aggression airstrikes in six days
[05 April 2017]
Roundup: 1107 Saudi airstrikes kill 135 Yemeni civilians in March
[29 March 2017]
Roundup: Saudi kills 15 Yemeni civilians in 112 airstrikes on Yemen in 3 days
[25 March 2017]
Report: Saudi kills 68 in 301 airstrikes on Yemen in 7 days
[23 March 2017]
Yemen strongly condemns terrorist attack in Egypt
[25 November 2017]
President al-Sammad sends condolences to Sisi over deadly attack on Egypt mosque
[25 November 2017]
FM meets WFP official
[03 October 2017]
FM meets Russian charge d'affaires
[03 October 2017]
Yemen strongly condemns Las Vegas terrorist attack
[03 October 2017]
Annas, Oct 11, 2004
[14/October/2004] Mian Headlines:
- Gulf states need $ 300 billion to develop their oil sector in the forthcoming ten years
- Course on economic concepts and hoe to use them in media

Writer Shaker Ahmed Khalid says the Yemeni judiciary is facing a crisis of accusations increased in their tone after the recent verdicts of executions against those accused of blasting the oil tanker Limburg and the American destroyer Cole.
The judiciary is accused of its response to the American and external pressures as well as its non-neutrality and non-independence in addition to its submission to the authority directives. Such authority directives are mostly seen in cases related to cases of opinion and publication, as what has happened in the case of Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, the editor in chief of al-Shoura newspaper.
Nevertheless, judge Hamoud al-Hattar, member of the Supreme Court defends independence of judiciary and its neutrality, pointing that the recent sentences against those accused of committing act of terror in the country were not final and liable to challenge through appeal.
The appeal has the right to approve, amend, or cancel them according to the constitution.
Accusations against the Yemeni judiciary are confined to Yemeni judiciary independence exposure to multi-violations mostly by the executive power, as some would indicate. Reports indicate that judiciary power bodies also practice violations impinging upon its independence, such as random orders by judicial authorities pertaining to issues considered before the passing of verdicts. There are violations even after the passing of verdicts when there is delay in implementing the sentences by bodied concerned.
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