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PM, Youth Minister discuss youth, sports issues
[16 July 2018]
Al-Sammad hospital rehabilitation project in Sanaa launched
[16 July 2018]
Parliament approves report to exempt domestic gas from customs duties, taxes
[16 July 2018]
President Al-Mashat congratulates Iraqi President on National Day
[16 July 2018]
Sanhan tribes mobilize to retaliate aggression crimes
[15 July 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army launches artillery shells on Saudi-paid mercenary's troops in Najran, Jizan
[16 July 2018]
Short-range ballistic missile targets invaders camp in western coast
[16 July 2018]
Army destroys military vehicle in Najran
[16 July 2018]
Army repels infiltration attempt of Saudi-paid mercenaries in Nehm
[16 July 2018]
Two coalition collaborators arrested in Amran, Ibb
[16 July 2018]
Report :14 Saudi-led coalition air strikes hit several provinces on Monday
[16 July 2018]
29 civilians killed, injured in Saudi-led attacks over 48 hours
[12 July 2018]
Army launches offensives on Saudi enemy sites over past 48 hours
[12 July 2018]
Report: Yemen Army wages military operations on Saudi troops over 24 hours
[12 July 2018]
Report: 2 civilians killed in 21 Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen over 24 hours
[12 July 2018]
Two WHO cargo planes arrives at Sanaa airport
[16 July 2018]
Deputy FM welcomes UN efforts to reach peace in Yemen
[11 July 2018]
Yemen's ballistic missiles arsenal designed to deter enemy attack
[11 July 2018]
Parliament welcomes EU's statement on Yemen
[10 July 2018]
HR Minister discusses displaced situation with UN official
[09 July 2018]
Al- Ayyam, July 25 ,2004
[31/July/2004] Main Headlines:
- Selling 60 fadans of land with fraud contract in Zayadi village in Lahj
- Bickering between prosecution and suspects of Limburg blast at court
- UNICEF supports illiteracy eradication activities in three districts in Lahj
Mr Ahmed Saif Hashid says in an article regarding the question of visiting prisons affiliate of the political security, the committee on rights and freedoms at the parliament was divided into two. One, the larger part, sees the committee should not visit detention places of the political security, as it is has not used to do so and may create certain problems and difficulties. The minority at the parliament sees that visiting detention places of the political security is an essential part of the committee’s tasks as long as it is concerned with rights and freedoms.
The more important thing is to study deeply the indications that the majority of the said committee is against the desire to visit detention places of the political security.

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