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PM calls on businessmen, wealthy to help insolvent prisoners
[25 May 2018]
UNICEF plane carrying vaccines arrives at Sanaa airport
[24 May 2018]
Football Tournament starts on Martyr President al-Sammad's Cup
[23 May 2018]
JMPs: Yemen unity will remain despite occupation
[23 May 2018]
President al-Mashat: New invaders' ambitions will never be realized in Yemen
[21 May 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
2 civilians killed in Saudi-led airstrike on Hdeidah
[25 May 2018]
Civilian killed in Saudi-led airstrike on Taiz
[25 May 2018]
Army Rocketry force fires ballistic missile toward Najran
[25 May 2018]
Aggression aircraft targets civilian bulldozer in Hodeidah
[25 May 2018]
Army, committees repulse infiltration of Saudi troop in Jizan
[25 May 2018]
Yemeni Council launches its 1st report on coalition’s crimes in Saada.
[25 May 2018]
Report: Dozens of Saudi troop killed in Army’s offensive operations over 24 hour
[25 May 2018]
Report: 32 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Saada, Hodeidah on 24 hours
[25 May 2018]
Report: Army’s rocketry, artillery force targets Saudi troops over 24 hours
[24 May 2018]
Report: 6 civilians killed in 10 Saudi-led airstrikes over 24 hours
[24 May 2018]
Yemeni parliament Speaker congratulates his Argentine counterpart on National Day
[24 May 2018]
Suffering of persons with disabilities in Yemen discussed
[24 May 2018]
GCAA appeals to UN, int'l orgs to lift ban on Sanaa Airport
[23 May 2018]
President al-Mashat congratulates Venezuela's Maduro for his 2nd win
[23 May 2018]
FM condoles his Cuban counterpart in air plane crash
[20 May 2018]
Al- Thawry, May 27, 2004
[05/June/2004] Main Headlines:
- YSP cadres run for students councils elections
- Unions at 6 universities discuss their situations
Columnist Qaed Yousuf says in his article all the people have kept waiting what the government would take of serious steps to increase salaries and wages of the state administrative machinery to encounter the wave of high expenses that included everything related to living conditions. Those bad conditions have driven the majority to poverty.
Between the state of waiting and frustration for non-implementation of the government’s promise to improve the living standard of the state employees, came statements of the minister of civil service lately as he announced an increase in salaries of the state employees by a rate ranging between 20-40% of the basic salary.
The strange thing is that he increase came in response to directives by the president of the republic not as a decision taken by the government an came to be as tempting but in reality the increase does not exceed 3000-4000 riyals subject the progressive tax.
In fact one needs a salary equal three times the amount he gets in order to live a decent dignified life as a human being in a democratic country like ours.
The question is whether the ministry of civil service was really in need of presidential directives to increase the civil servants salaries. Was the rise in prices of bread enough to announce a state of emergency inside the government corridors and a cause for reconsidering the policy of wages?
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