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Occupiers’ attempts to clone military institutions are futile: President
[18 February 2018]
15 Passengers Killed, 3 Injured In Traffic Accident In Sanaa
[18 February 2018]
Training course organizes for administrative leaders in Jawf
[18 February 2018]
PM inspects Youth ministry
[18 February 2018]
HR Minister inspect service facilities in Hodeidah
[17 February 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
2 civilians killed in 3 airstrikes on Saada
[19 February 2018]
Civilians killed in air strike hit Hodeidah
[18 February 2018]
12 UAE soldiers killed in army attack
[18 February 2018]
Zizal-2 fired toward mercenaries’ gatherings in Marib
[18 February 2018]
2 civilians killed in 2 air strikes on Saada
[18 February 2018]
Report: Army, committees attack Saudi enemy in battlefronts over 24 hour
[18 February 2018]
Report: 20 civilians killed in over 32 Saudi airstrikes on Saturday
[18 February 2018]
Report: Army wages offensives on Saudi enemy's sites, gatherings on Friday
[17 February 2018]
Report: Over 7 civilians killed in 41+ aggression air strikes over 24 hours
[17 February 2018]
Report: Army wages attacks on Saudi enemy’s gatherings in Thursday
[16 February 2018]
Yemen condemns Saudi Shura council member inciting to violence
[18 February 2018]
Yemen welcomes new UN envoy
[17 February 2018]
FM meets UN official
[14 February 2018]
FM congratulates his Iranian counterpart
[14 February 2018]
Yemen calls for pressure on Security Council to stop aggression
[13 February 2018]
  Special Files
Partnership Forum

By Khaled Al-Mahdi, Saba

The first conference of the Association of Senates and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World (ASECAAW), set to be held in Sana'a in April 25-27 is seen as a new forum for Afro-Arab partnership.

"Undoubtfully, the conference would come out with ideas to serve the region and help consolidate security and stability pour resources into development," Speaker of the Shura Council Abdul-Aziz Abdul-Ghani said in press remarks published last week

"We are very glad to hold this conference in Sana'a, especially amid such circumstances that the region is passing through, which need to be discussed," Abdul-Ghani said.

He said almost all the participating countries share the same anticipations and that they are keen to establish a real partnership to deal with vital issues that affects their future.

Yemen's standing as a pioneer Arab country in adopting systems of democracy and civil societies and giving human rights groups and non-governmental organizations a leading role in the economic and social development drive, is coming increasingly clear to the international community.

By hosting this conference, the region is granting Yemen a new reward for its determination to respect values of democracy and human rights.

Shortly after the two parts of the country unified in May 1990, the new state began to adopt political pluralism system and set up a Human Rights Ministry and opened the door for civil society organizations.

As a matter of fact, it is not the first time that Yemen receive reward for its democratic trend. In 2000, Sana'a hosted the Emerging Democracies Conference, and just two months ago a conference on democracy, human rights and the role of the International Criminal Court was held in Yemen.

The later conference came out with the 'Sana'a Declaration', a document that is being attributed in the recently proposed plans to overhaul the political conditions in the Middle East region.

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