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Training course organizes for administrative leaders in Jawf
[18 February 2018]
PM inspects Youth ministry
[18 February 2018]
HR Minister inspect service facilities in Hodeidah
[17 February 2018]
Communications, interior ministers discuss securing cables
[17 February 2018]
FM mourns Ambassador al- Haddad
[17 February 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army attacks Saudi army and its mercenaries in battle front lines
[18 February 2018]
Army artillery targets Saudi enemy’s gatherings in Jizan
[17 February 2018]
Army's snipers shoot eight Saudi-paid mercenaries in Marib
[17 February 2018]
Army repels infiltration of mercenaries in Lahj
[17 February 2018]
Aggression warplane resumes striking Sanaa
[17 February 2018]
Report: Army, committees attack Saudi enemy in battlefronts over 24 hour
[18 February 2018]
Report: 20 civilians killed in over 32 Saudi airstrikes on Saturday
[18 February 2018]
Report: Army wages offensives on Saudi enemy's sites, gatherings on Friday
[17 February 2018]
Report: Over 7 civilians killed in 41+ aggression air strikes over 24 hours
[17 February 2018]
Report: Army wages attacks on Saudi enemy’s gatherings in Thursday
[16 February 2018]
Yemen welcomes new UN envoy
[17 February 2018]
FM meets UN official
[14 February 2018]
FM congratulates his Iranian counterpart
[14 February 2018]
Yemen calls for pressure on Security Council to stop aggression
[13 February 2018]
PS congratulates Iranian Shura Council
[12 February 2018]
  Special Files
The conference is choice for sharing legislative responsbilities
By Hassan Al-Lawzi

Yemen is hosting meetings of the 1st conference of the Association of Senates and Equivalent Councils in Africa and the Arab World in April 25-27 in an advanced step that ensures commitment and affiliation to the pioneering states which press ahead towards the bicameralism and widening the range of political and legislative participation as part of the democratic drive and integrity of constitutional institutions in holding the burden of construction and change in the developing societies.

Our country has strengthened its positive and leading standing among the emerging democracies and got its growing experience that is distinguished by facts of the visible practice on the ground and through structuring the supreme state authorities and municipal authorities through the polls and creating the various civil society organizations, political, social and cultural ones.

Yemen also has excellent performance in foreign relations domain for the sake of consolidating cooperation and exchanging experiences with brotherly and friendly countries.

The importance of this conference goes beyond limits of the normal event on the international map, not only because of the fact that the participating legislatures are elected or carefully picked on the highest levels in the Arab and African countries, but also because they are constitutional institutions that have their leading position today in the modern states and also for the fact that the focus of the meeting constitutes a focal concern for every society and state and it is deep-rooted in the current issues and also in the inspirations and approaches.

Democracy, in its successful status in the West and the pioneering countries provides an integrated mechanism that is able to take in all the expertises and trends in the state through the bicameral system.

Therefore, this association seeks to promote this parliamentary system that underlines the clear historical awareness and true scientific realization of feasibility of sharing the legislative tasks as part of the construction of the modern state and as a normal result of the democratic approach, upon which the state of law and order and the society of freedom, justice and equity are based.

After completing the internal structuring process and approving its charter, the association would certainly enhance work for enhancing cooperation through its tasks and activities at country, regional and international levels and would go ahead in building further bridges of bilateral partnership and cooperation.

Yes, this region (Arab World and Africa) is the heart of the world, but still suffers from isolation inside the small universal village. We should struggle to pass this isolation and play vital roles in the triumph battle at intellectual and legislative fields
and the joint work in order to realize strong cooperation and communication as the all gathered in one association, as first Arab-African organization that invests warm

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