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Sammad-2 combat drone launches its first operations by shelling Aramco refinery
[18 July 2018]
Political Council awards Martyr Ouideen medal of courage
[18 July 2018]
Leader of Yemen's Revolution tells Le Figaro: Those who demand Yemenis to withdraw from Hodeidah as if asking French to withdraw from Paris
[18 July 2018]
Dhamar tribesmen mobilize to support army in western coast
[17 July 2018]
Yemen celebrates World Population Day
[17 July 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: Army wages offensive against Saudi-paid mercenaries in all battle fonts
[19 July 2018]
Army carries out offensive on Saudi-paid mercenaries in western coast
[18 July 2018]
Yemeni drone airstrikes killed, injured dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries in Jawf
[18 July 2018]
3 Saudi airstrikes targets a civilian's house in Marib
[18 July 2018]
Army destroys military vehicle, killed mercenary in Asir, Jizan
[17 July 2018]
Report: 12 civilians killed, injured in 3 provinces over 24 past hours
[18 July 2018]
Report: Yemeni drone airstrikes, military operations killed Saudi mercenaries over 24 hours
[18 July 2018]
Report: Yemen Army wages military operations on Saudi troops over 24 hours
[18 July 2018]
Report :14 Saudi-led coalition air strikes hit several provinces on Monday
[16 July 2018]
29 civilians killed, injured in Saudi-led attacks over 48 hours
[12 July 2018]
FM meets visiting French ambassador to Yemen
[18 July 2018]
Leader of Yemen's Revolution tells Le Figaro: Those who demand Yemenis to withdraw from Hodeidah as if asking French to withdraw from Paris
[18 July 2018]
Urgent: Yemeni Drone Air Force targets Saudi oil Aramco refinery in Riyadh
[18 July 2018]
Urgent: Yemeni Air Force unveils long-range Sammad-2 combat drone
[18 July 2018]
Two WHO cargo planes arrives at Sanaa airport
[16 July 2018]
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Sana`a Conference will be platform the regin`s countries :Danilo
[15/January/2004] By Thuraya Dammaj
The representative of the United Nations to the Sana`a Inter- governmental Regional Conference on Democracy Human Rights and the Role of the International Criminal Court Mr Danilo Turk said : the outcomes of the conference have been fruitful and it will be a new platform for the regin`s Countries .

Here the Yemen News Agency (Saba) special interview with Mr .Danilo :
SABA: What`a your opinion about the conference ?
Danilo: This is an important conference . it idea of democracy was very much discussed . it was a living discussion including the issues that we are all interested .
Governments and civil society organizations expressed their commitments to democracy and human rights principles .
All participation are keen to move their societies towards meaningful democracy and participation in political life .

SABA: What are the horizons of changing the region?
Danilo: The application of democracy can be possible only If the countries really have democracy environment . Democracy is never ending process .Democracy is something that has to be cultivated , I think a conference like this shows that there is a good base of democracy which have already established in Yemen and the region . it could be developed further .

SABA: What may the conference add to Yemen?
Danilo: That is for government of Yemen, Political parties and civil society to work out . This is not for UN official to say there will be a real democracy in Yemen. This refers to the people in Yemen to say what this conference brings .
But my general impression is that stronger participation of women`s is the important element .
I have been listening to discussions in the working group of civil society and parliament delegations .
I heard a very strong support for the idea of Cox. relating to women`s representation . So women would have a number of seats in Parliament. That’s a very interesting idea which women may support it very loudly.

SABA: What`s your expectation about Sana`a declaration?
Danilo: I think Sana`a declaration is a very useful document which will strengthen the idea of democracy and human rights in the Arab world .
I also hope that will be used as a platform for building democracy and promoting human rights . As we listened in Amr Mussa speech about his idea that Sana`a declaration will be a platform which can help the region`s countries enhance democratization process.
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