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Foreign Minister meets UN official
[19 June 2019]
Tribal meeting in Ibb to support army in fronts
[19 June 2019]
President affirms doubling judicial bodies' role
[19 June 2019]
Transport Minister discusses establishment of field hospital in Sanaa Airport
[19 June 2019]
PM meets Culture Minister
[19 June 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Govt, Shura Council discuss joint topics
[19 June 2019]
Minister of Industry is discussing with President of Yemen Relief Organization support of innovators, inventors
[18 June 2019]
Army controls tens of mercenaries' sites in Jizan
[18 June 2019]
Abha airport has become paralyzed following operations Drones airstrikes: Army's spokesman
[18 June 2019]
Enemy failed in his attempt to restore sites in Najran: Army's spokesman
[18 June 2019]
_Army drone attacks targets Jizan airport
[10 June 2019]
3 children injured with aggression' artillery in Hodeidah, Saada: Reports
[27 May 2019]
US-Saudi aggression wages residential neighborhoods , vital installations over 24 past hours in Hodeidah: Reports
[27 May 2019]
Aggression forces continue to breach Hodeidah agreement, hit Taiz, Saada over 24 past hours : Reports
[25 May 2019]
Coalition continues to violate cease fire agreement in Hodiedah, to attack provinces: Report
[19 May 2019]
Lise Grande delivers a letter from President to Secretary-General of United Nations: Minister of Foreign Affairs
[11 June 2019]
Discuss UNDP projects in Yemen
[31 May 2019]
FM meets UN official
[29 May 2019]
FM congratulates Ethiopian counterpart on National Day
[27 May 2019]
Attacks on infrastructure must stop , give priority to calls for peace in Yemen: UNICEF
[27 May 2019]
Coalition kidnaps more than 15 fishing boat in Hodeidah, launches 23 airstrike on provinces
[02/May/2019] PROVINCES, May 2 (Saba) – The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition’s troops over the last 24 hours continued to violate the cease fire agreement, their air raids and attacks on several provinces, in addition to kidnapping more than 15 fishing boats in Hodeidah province, a security official told Saba.

The security official added that more than 15 fishing boats carrying 150 fishermen were kidnapped by the coalition south-west of Al-Turfah Island.

13 Saudi-led airstrikes were waged at Sanaa International Airport and Dailmy military base, in addition to six others against Moustaba district, in Hajjah province, he said adding that another strike hit Taiziah district, Taiz province, and three hit Al-Hamidat district, Jawf province.

The official added that more than 90 shells were fired by the mercenaries at Fazah, at Jabalia and at areas south of Tuhayta city, Hodeidah.

He affirmed that they also fired 25 shells and 4 Katyusha rockets at Zaafran village in Kilo 16 area, Durihimy district.

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