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Veterinary vaccination campaign targets 308,000 sheep in Sanaa
[21 April 2019]
Supreme Political Council renews commitment to Sweden Agreement
[21 April 2019]
PM launches national campaign for consumer protection
[21 April 2019]
Ibb governor affirms ongoing support to battle fronts
[21 April 2019]
Yemenis will not forget who war them in their livelihood: FM
[21 April 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army downs Saudi-led reconnaissance aircraft in Hodeidah
[21 April 2019]
YPC holds so-called Aden commission responsible for continued oil derivatives vessels' detention
[21 April 2019]
Court in capital compels prosecution to execute decisions to arrest Hadi, other traitors, detain their properties
[21 April 2019]
Army downs Saudi-led reconnaissance aircraft off Najran
[21 April 2019]
Army fires ballistic missile at Saudi-led mercenaries’ gatherings off Jizan
[21 April 2019]
Coalition continues violations for Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces over last hours
[21 April 2019]
Army liberates, secures new sites in Taiz, Baydha, Jawf from the inflicted-heavy-losses mercenaries over last hours
[21 April 2019]
Coalition continue to violate Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army liberates more than 50 sites, inflicts on mercenaries heavy losses: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours ; Report
[15 April 2019]
Deputy PM discusses with UNICEF's official support for National Vision of Education in Yemen
[21 April 2019]
FM meets with Head of ICRC in Yemen
[21 April 2019]
FM condemns terrorist attack in Sri Lanka
[21 April 2019]
Justice Minister meets UNICEF programs head
[21 April 2019]
IOF arrest 7 Palestinians from West Bank, one of them with disabilities
[21 April 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
172 violations of aggression coalition in Hodeidah within 48 last hours : Army's spokesman
[07/February/2019] SANAA, Feb. 7 (Saba) - Spokesman for the Armed Forces Brig. Gen. Yehia Sari on Wednesday affirmed the continuation of the forces of saudi-led aggression coalition in their intransigence and lack of commitment to cease fire in Hodeidah in disregard of UN resolutions and efforts of the international community to bring peace to Yemen.

Sarie told Saba on Wednesday that during the past 48 hours, the US-backed saudi-led aggression coalition's forces committed 172 violations of the cease-fire in Hodeidah, targeting residential neighborhoods, houses and farms of citizens, as well as the positions of the army forces and the popular forces.

He added that 30 saudi-led airstrikes hit several areas in separate provinces.

Two raids hit Marrakihat, three were waged on Kataff and Sawh, and two on Qatif, two airstrikes on Razih, Sa'ada, nine on Haradh, two on Al-Mazraq, two raids on Ham, four on the Khab Wa Shaaf, three raids on Moton and a raid on Serwah, Marib.

He confirmed that the heroes of the army, supported by popular forces, repulsed infiltration attempt by the mercenaries towards army's sites in Haifan, Taiz, and foiled three other attempts infiltration, one towards the west of Hiss, another in Almzuqr and the third in Hacham, Jawf.

A spokesman for the armed forces that the army and the popular committees responded to the escalation of aggression by the implementation of four offensive operations and four raids and six successful operations successfully targeted the sites and fortifications of the enemy, their movements, as well as their lines of supply.

He added that resulted in huge loss in life and equipment in the enemy's ranks.

He said that the offensive operations carried out by the army took place the enemy in Makhaby hilltops in Qania, Bayda.

He added that during that attack, which was launched from three axes, the army liberated thoses areas and imposed full control on.

The army also targeted the sites of mercenaries in Jabal al-Hasasinin and the nearby areas of Hatabas and al-Tasabin neighborhood in Haradh in a large offensive operation, during which a large area of ​​about six square kilometers was cleared and controlled, despite the support of the enemy's warplanes.

The heroes of the army attacked the enemy positions in Qarn, Nihm, and other enemy positions in Raboua.

During of this attack on Tabab al-Alm, the army imposed full control on a number of hilltops there.

He pointed out that the army, targeted the positions of mercenaries in al-Arish, east of the junction of Wazaaia, Taiz, in the village of al-Qarhha in al-Bisha, in Taba al-Helu, Bayda, and in al-Salan camp.

The heroes of the army targeted the positions and movements of the enemy in Al-Ajashar al-Baqqa, at Makbana, Taiz, in Mahoubaa, off Najran, in the area of ​​Astar and the Wadi Shouaq, and in Zarka, Jawf.

He confirmed that 58 mercenaries were killed by sniper operations of the army and the popular forces , including 31 mercenaries on the frontier fronts, 17 mercenaries in Neham and Serwah, six mercenaries in Dumat Dhalea, three mercenaries in Ghail in Jawf and another in Bayda.

The army killed three mercenaries and injured two others in Makbanah, Taiz, destroyed five pick-ups loaded with mercenaries one in Ajasher, another in Makhaby, and the third in Mazrk.

Another pick-up was destroyed in Astar front, Jawf, he added.

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