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[21 February 2019]
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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
New operation launched in Bayda kills dozens of mercenaries, including Fadhha front leader : Army
[22 February 2019]
Army kills dozens of saudi-led mercenaries in Jawf
[22 February 2019]
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[22 February 2019]
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[22 February 2019]
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[22 February 2019]
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[20 February 2019]
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[19 February 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led coalition's, its mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours : Report
[17 February 2019]
Coalition continues over last hours to violate cease fire in Hodeidah, airstrikes on Hajjah, Saada provinces
[16 February 2019]
Foreign Minister meets UNICEF's new representative
[20 February 2019]
FM meets UNICEF new Resident Representative
[20 February 2019]
Health Office in Sanaa receives medical supplies from WHO
[20 February 2019]
Health Minister meets UNFPA representative
[19 February 2019]
Foreign Ministry condemns al-Azhar terrorist bombing in Cairo
[19 February 2019]
Report: Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries, invaders killed in military attacks

SANAA, Sep 16 (Saba) – Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries were killed and injured in army's drone strikes and military attacks on their sites and troops, while a ballistic missile targeted the economic city in Jizan over the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Saba on Sunday.
The missile force launched Badr-1 ballistic missile on the economic city in Jizan, while the army and committees attacked the mercenaries sites near MBC site, controlled al-Shabaka site, destroyed a vehicle and seized number of weapons, said the official.
In also Jizan, the mercenaries troops were targeted in heavy artillery shelling during repelling their infiltration attempts east al-Dod, killing and injuring dozens.
In Najran, two military vehicles were destroyed, killing nine mercenaries and injuring dozens during repelling their infiltration attempt west al-Sudais.
In Asir, dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured over an surprise offensive in al-Masane'a area near Majazah, while the army artillery hit the mercenaries troops west of Majazah, causing direct casualties.

In Khabb wa ash Sha'af district, army's drone waged an attack by Qasif-1 on the mercenaries and invaders gatherings in Jawf province, destroying the mercenaries vehicle, killing and injuring its crew in al-Mahashima.
In the western coast, the army and committees carried out on the mercenaries sites west al-Tahita, killing and injuring dozens.
In al-Khokha district, the engineering unit destroyed two vehicles and killed its invaders crew in Maushaj, while destroying a vehicle in al-Fazah, killing its crew.
In Taiz province, the army attacked the mercenaries sites in Tabisha'a in Himair front in Maqbana district, coincided with combing of medium and light weapons, killing and injuring dozens, the army and committees attacked the mercemaries sites in al-Wazieah mafrq.
In also Taiz, the army controlled on number of the hills in al-Mafalees in Hifan district during an offensive on the mercenaries sites, killing and injuring dozens.
In Taiz again, dozens of the Saudi mercenaries were killed and others injured during their sneak east al-Barh mafrq, while many of them killed and injured in artillery shelling on their fortifications in Osiferah.
In Bayda province, the army and committees enabled of total controlled on the mercenaries site in Shabaka Hawran in Qaniah front, killing and injuring dozens, foiling their attempt to regain it.
In Thi Naem district, the army stormed the mercenaries sites east and west Sabah shabaka, killing and injuring dozens.
In Hajjah province, two aggression vehicles were destroyed west Hiran souk, killing its crew members.
In Harib Nehm, the mercenaries inflicted killing an injuring over the army offensive on their sites in al-Sood hills, while storming another sites for the mercenaries in Harib Nehm, killing, injuring and prisoners dozens.
Eman al-Mutawakel

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UPDATED ON : Fri, 22 Feb 2019 18:47:11 +0300