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Security arrests murderer in Sanaa
[24 September 2018]
Cabinet reviews situations in fronts, gov't activities
[24 September 2018]
Parliament continues to discuss bill on public, private sectors partnership
[24 September 2018]
Training course targets developing trainers' level in micro-finance
[24 September 2018]
PM inaugurates Yemeni System of connecting Networking for scientific Research
[24 September 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army kills, injures dozens of US-backed mercenaries in Bayda, liberates sites
[25 September 2018]
Army launches attack on US-backed mercenaries 's sites in Nehm, kills dozens
[25 September 2018]
3 civilians killed, 7 injured in Saudi airstrikes on Yemeni provinces
[25 September 2018]
Army destroys 2 military vehicles of US-backed mercenaries in Jawf
[25 September 2018]
Six Saudi aggression soldiers killed in Saudi border fronts
[24 September 2018]
Reports: Saudi-led aggression hit provinces, prohibits entry ships into the port in the past 24 hours
[24 September 2018]
Persons eat trees' leaves, children die of acute faminein in Hajjah
[22 September 2018]
Reports: Saudi’ missiles and artillery hit several provinces over the 24 past hours
[22 September 2018]
Reports: Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours
[21 September 2018]
Reports: Saudi airstrikes hit several provinces over the past day
[21 September 2018]
Yemen elected as Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab Union of Administrative Judiciary and Chairman of the Advisory Body
[25 September 2018]
National Juniors' Team leaves the Asian Cup finals with loss before Korea
[25 September 2018]
PM meets new head of ICRC delegation to Yemen
[24 September 2018]
Supreme Political Council sends condolences to Iran over Ahvaz attack
[23 September 2018]
Sanaa's Yemen celebrates World Peace Day
[21 September 2018]
Army launches offensives on Saudi enemy sites over past 48 hours
SANAA, July 12 (Saba) – The army and popular forces launched several offensives and fired missiles on sites and gatherings of Saudi enemy forces and mercenaries in several fronts during the past 48 hours, according to a military officia.

The attacks resulted in heavy losses in ranks and gear of the Saudi forces and their mercenaries in the different fronts.

A Tochka ballistic missile was fired at gatherings of the Saudi-led aggression coalition troops and mercenaries on the western coast front, while two military vehicles were destroyed in al-Faza area.

A short-range ballistic missile hit the aggression forces supply stores in the western coast, while a military vehicle was destroyed in al-Tuhaita district.

The army forces attacked sites of the mercenaries in al-Ajradi area of al-Zaher district and Tiab area in Thei Naem district in Bayda province.

In the same province, the army repelled an infiltration of the mercenaries toward al-Sawh area.

An attack of the army targeted several hills and positions of the mercenaries in Yam front in Nehm district of Sanaa province.

In the same district, the army forces carried out two attacks against sites of the mercenaries in al-Madfon and Yam areas.

The army forces seized several hills in northwest of al-Qatab area in Nehm after a wide offensive backed by an artillery shelling on gatherings and reinforcements of the mercenaries, who suffered heavy losses in their ranks.

In Taiz province, southwest the country, the army repelled an infiltration of the mercenaries backed by air raids towards sites in al-Salw district.

Several mercenaries fell dead and wounded in an ambush set by the army in al-Hanaya front on al-Wazeiyah road, while the artillery bombed other gathering of them in al-Arish area.

In Jawf province, the army repulsed two infiltration attempts of the mercenaries in al-Mahashima and al-Ajasher areas in Khab Washaf district.

In the same district, two military vehicles were destroyed and their crews were killed, while another vehicle was destroyed in east of Sabrin area.

In the southern province of Lahj, the army repelled an infiltration attempt of the mercenaries toward al-Shurayjah and al-Sahi areas in Karish front, and retook a hill in the same front.

In Hajjah province, the army destroyed a military vehicle in east of Jabal al-Naar in Haradh district, killing its crew.

A ballistic missile of Badr-1 type hit the Saudi Economic city of Jizan, while a barrage of Katyusha rockets hit a Saudi camp behind al-Aqaba Mountains in Jizan region.

The army also launched an attack on a Saudi military site off Jabal al-Dokhan in the same region.

In Jizan, also a missile bombing targeted Saudi troops and mercenaries off MBC Mountain, while an artillery shelling hit other gatherings of them in al-Madrasa village.

In Najran region, the army attacked Saudi positions off al-Khadra crossing, leaving heavy losses in ranks and gear of the Saudi army.


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