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Court executes 8 man for coalition collaborators in Sanaa
[26 April 2018]
Thousands of protesters in the rifles march in Hodeidah
[26 April 2018]
President Mahdi Al-Mashat sworn in at Parliament
[25 April 2018]
FM mourns martyrdom of president al-Sammad
[24 April 2018]
UN Secretary-General condoles on death of President Al-Sammad
[24 April 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Four Saudi-led airstrikes hit Amran
[26 April 2018]
Ballistic missile hits Saudi soldiers ,mercenaries' gatherings in Najran
[26 April 2018]
9 coalition air strikes target capital Sanaa
[25 April 2018]
6Saudi air-raids against Sanaa
[25 April 2018]
3Saudi aggression warplanes hit Hodeidah
[25 April 2018]
WHO: Diphtheria outbreak kills 84 in Yemen
[03 April 2018]
UNICEF: Nearly 2 million children now out of school in Yemen
[27 March 2018]
Army carries heavy losses in enemy ranks, it's mercenaries
[18 March 2018]
Saudi-US aggression war jet launch 26 raids on number of Yemeni provinces
[17 March 2018]
Report: Dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries killed in military operations over past 48 hours
[12 March 2018]
MSF denounces coalition's crime in Hajjah
[25 April 2018]
Yemen’s Supreme Political Council condemns martyrdom of president al-Sammad
[24 April 2018]
Human Rights Ministry condemns assassination of ICRC staffer
[22 April 2018]
FM meets IOM official
[21 April 2018]
FM welcomes any proposals leading to serious, comprehensive peace
[21 April 2018]
Official warns against using Yemen as int’l conflict field

SANA’A, March 17 (Saba) – An official at Foreign Ministry warned that known international powers are trying to use Yemen as a field for proxy wars to create an international conflict, which is not in interest of the country or the Arab peninsula and Gulf states.

In a statement to Saba, the official said the statement of US Defence Secretary, Jim Mattis, on Thursday comes within this framework.

The official explained that the US military leadership tries to put its problems with Iran in a beforehand designed international framework accuses the Islamic Republic of Iran of using Yemeni territories, waters and borders a theater for testing its ballistic missiles and marine mines as well as financing and stirring up the war tacking place in the Yemeni territories since three years.

He pointed out that the aggressive war on Yemen started with an air attack launched by the coalition powers on March 26, 2015, across Yemeni territories under a weak pretext of reinstating a false legitimacy.

Commenting on Mattis’ remarks that Iran is testing its weapons in Yemen, the official reminded the US official that before he joined the Trump administration Pentagon and British Defense Ministry had begun testing their international-paned and mass destruction arms in Yemen since the first hours of the aggression, one of which was a massive destruction bomb dropped on Attan area of the capital Sana’a on April 20, 2015.

He said the remarks of Mttis were flagrant and come before the visit of Saudi crown prince, the leader of aggression on Yemen, to pave the way for further arms contracts and after a series of inciting statements by the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, along with a show for what she alleged remnants of an Iranian missile fired towards Riyadh, in addition to the statement of US central forces commander few days before.

The official confirmed that those statements disagree with what the US administration publicly adopts that the solution in Yemen should not be military and that the peaceful path and negotiations is the right way to bring peace and stability to Yemen.

The official called for the US administration to stop adding fuel to the fire in the Arab Peninsula and Gulf through the statements of its political and military officials, which called for violence and war.

“It is better for them to translate their remarks on peace to a reality and to send missions from US Congress and neutral human rights organizations to investigate humanitarian conditions and violations in Yemen,” said the official.

He reiterated that the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government will continue to push forward toward the political settlement options and sustained peace through negotiations gathering all concerned parties without preconditions.

The official called on the international community, parliamentary institutions and non-government organizations, including American, to pressure the countries feeding the conflict in Yemen to stop supplying arms and escalating the fight, to end their finance to extremist and terrorist groups, to pursue calming approach and to support peace efforts and settlement so as to maintain security and stability of Yemen, its people and the peoples of the region.


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