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Cabinet approves spending plan for first half of 2019
[16 December 2018]
4 saudi-led airstrikes hit Jawf
[16 December 2018]
Deputy Chief of General Staff opens Naval School
[16 December 2018]
COCA discusses report on imbalances in Endowments Ministry
[16 December 2018]
FM, WFP discuss cooperation to meet humanitarian needs in Yemen
[16 December 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army kills dozens of Saudi-led mercenaries in Asir
[17 December 2018]
Army ambushes Saudi soldiers in Najran
[16 December 2018]
Army attacks saudi-led mercenaries’ sites in Jawf
[16 December 2018]
Army destroys military vehicle of saudi-led mercenaries in Najran
[16 December 2018]
Army foils saudi-led mercenaries' infiltration in Nehm
[16 December 2018]
Report: Saudi aggression targets citizen's properties in air, ground attacks
[15 December 2018]
Army foils over last hours mercenaries' infiltration in Jizan , Jawf, kills dozens
[15 December 2018]
14 Saudi-led airstrikes led injuring six civilians over past 24 hours : Report
[13 December 2018]
Coalitions’ attacks kill woman, injure other woman, child in Hodeidah, Marib, Taiz : Report
[12 December 2018]
Saudi-led aggression coalition continues attacks on civilians in several provinces: Report
[11 December 2018]
FM congratulates Kazakh counterpart on National Day
[16 December 2018]
Israeli forces break into section 2 in Raymond prison, transfer 120 Palestinian to other sections
[16 December 2018]
Parliament appreciates US Senate decision to halt support for Saudi-led coalition
[15 December 2018]
Cease-fire an encouraging positive step in the western coast: UNICEF
[15 December 2018]
Presidency office head meets Ambassador of Kuwait, Special Representative of Sweden in Sanaa
[14 December 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
13 Saudi soldiers, mercenaries killed in snipe operations

SANA'A, Mar 12 (Saba) – 13 of Saudi soldiers and mercenaries have killed in snipe operations by the army and popular forces, the artillery hit their sites, fortifications and inflicted them losses in lives and equipments, a military official told Saba on Monday.

Six Saudi soldiers were sniped north of Qwa village and Hamdha village, the artillery shelled other troops of enemy soldiers at the locations of al- Sawdah Saudi Tower, Qamar village, Dukhan mountain and al- Khouba, the military official said.

Furthermore, dozens of mercenaries were killed and injured by artillery shelling targeting their gatherings in front of Alb border crossing in Asir and rifle 50 was destructed, while six mercenaries were sniped in the same area.

In Najran border province, the artillery hit troops of Saudi soldiers in al- Shorfa , al- Shabaka sites and al- Sodais censorship, mercenaries were targeted at Bir al-Salami off al-Ajasher desert with artillery shells.

The engineering unit of the army and the committees destroyed a vehicle for mercenaries with an explosive device in the front of Sabrin in Khab and al- Shaaf district in Jawf province, and targeted troops of the mercenaries north of Medi desert with scores of artillery shells.

Meanwhile, scores of mercenaries casualties in artillery shells on their sites and fortifications in al- Jawazeaa at Tawr al- Baha in Lahj province, and a mercenary was sniped south of Khalid camp of Mawza district in Taiz province, said the official.


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