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President al-Mashat: New invaders' ambitions will never be realized in Yemen
[21 May 2018]
Ministry of Civil Service: Tuesday, May 22, official holiday
[21 May 2018]
PM discusses service projects in capital Sanaa
[20 May 2018]
PM discusses service projects in capital Sanaa
[20 May 2018]
Health Minister meets UNICEF representative
[20 May 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Top military commander killed in Jawf
[22 May 2018]
Army spokesman: Military operation against coalition militias in western coast continues
[22 May 2018]
Artillery shelling targets mercenaries’ gatherings in Hajjah
[21 May 2018]
Army repels mercenaries’ infiltration in Najran
[21 May 2018]
Aggression warplanes launch 9 strikes on Hajjah
[21 May 2018]
Report: Army carries out military offensives targeting Saudi troops over 24 hours
[21 May 2018]
Report :Army carries out offensives on Saudi troop in front lines over 24 hours
[20 May 2018]
Report: Saudi-led aggression launches 10 airstrikes, ground attacks on Sanaa, Saada over 24 hours
[20 May 2018]
Report: Saudi aggression continues targeting Saada, Hajjah over 24 hours
[19 May 2018]
Report: Yemen army, committees kills dozens of coalition troop over 24 hours
[19 May 2018]
FM condoles his Cuban counterpart in air plane crash
[20 May 2018]
Fierce new coalition offensive displaces tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians from Hodeidah: Amnesty
[18 May 2018]
President congratulates Arab, Islamic nations for Ramadan
[16 May 2018]
Ministry of Expatriate Affairs condemns US embassy relocation to Al-Quds
[15 May 2018]
Ansar Allah Political Bureau condemns transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem
[14 May 2018]
Report: Army, committees killed, injured dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries in attacks over Sunday

SANAA, Jan 15 (Saba) – Army and popular forces have launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks, causing huge casualties the destruction of sites , gatherings, and military vehicles of the US-backed Saudi aggression coalition enemy and its mercenaries during the past 24 hours, military officials told Saba.

In border province of Najran, the artillery shelling targeted fortifications of the Saudi army in
Sudais censorship and Eshah triangle.

In Jizan border province, artillery shelled Saudi army gatherings in Abadiya and Hamda-alShamali area.

In Jizan border province, many shelling fired at enemy and its mercenaries' gatherings in Maseal valley.

In central province of Marib, the army and committees carried out an offensive in mercenaries' sites in Sawda top hill in Serwah district, causing huge casualties, and mercenary commander Fouad Jafar was injured in Helan.

Also in Serwah district, a military vehicle loaded with mercenaries was also burned in Rabia valley, while eight mercenaries were killed in different areas.

In southwestern province of Taiz, the artillery bombardment targeted mercenaries ' gathering in Jahmaliah, causing heavy casualties.

Also in Taiz, two mercenaries' armored vehicles were burned, another destroyed with a guided missile in Herzain top hill, and military vehicle was burned in Kulabah , killing all those on board.

Meanwhile, the army and the committees destroyed two military vehicles north of Yakhtel, and carried out an attack on mercenaries' sites in -Qadra of Hamli area, causing huge casualties in their ranks.
They also waged an offensive operation on enemy around Shabaka and Erfan bridge, killing and injuring many of the enemy.

In Nehm district, sniper unit of the army and popular committees shot dead a Saudi-paid mercenary in Manara area.

In Bayda province, the mercenary commander Colonel Fawzi al-Saadi was injured by fire of the army and committees in the front of Nateh,

Writing by Sameera Al-Mahdi, Editing by Zak

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UPDATED ON : Tue, 22 May 2018 03:30:04 +0300