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Gov't discusses partnership with int'l humanitarian organizations 
[17 April 2018]
FM meets IOM's Resident Representative in Sana'a
[15 April 2018]
Delegations of EU, CHR, Swiss donors arrive in capital Sanaa
[14 April 2018]
Leader of Revolution: Saudis must be aware that Yemen’s military industry is evolving
[14 April 2018]
Commemoration of Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi in various Yemeni provinces
[13 April 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Aggression airstrikes killed at least 20 civilians in Taiz
[20 April 2018]
Artillery shelling targets mercenaries' troops' north Medi desert
[20 April 2018]
Two aggression airstrikes wages on Sanaa
[20 April 2018]
5 Civilians martyrdom in aggression airstrikes in Saada
[20 April 2018]
Badr-1 ballistic missile hits Jizan airport
[20 April 2018]
WHO: Diphtheria outbreak kills 84 in Yemen
[03 April 2018]
UNICEF: Nearly 2 million children now out of school in Yemen
[27 March 2018]
Army carries heavy losses in enemy ranks, it's mercenaries
[18 March 2018]
Saudi-US aggression war jet launch 26 raids on number of Yemeni provinces
[17 March 2018]
Report: Dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries killed in military operations over past 48 hours
[12 March 2018]
FM Meets with Resident Representative of ICRC
[17 April 2018]
Acting Speaker of Shura meets UN resident representative
[17 April 2018]
FM meets SDC's delegation in Sana'a
[15 April 2018]
Foreign Ministry condemns military aggression against Syria
[14 April 2018]
EU Mission, CHR, Swiss donors arrives Sana'a
[14 April 2018]
Report: 23 Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit Yemen over 24 hours

SANAA, Jan 14 (Saba)  – The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition forces have launched over 23 airstrikes on Yemen over the past 24 hours, according to official reports combined by Saba on Sunday.

In the central province of Marib, four air strikes hit Serwah district.

In southern province of Bayda, an airstrike hit Qurishiah security department in Al-zawb area.

In the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, the warplanes waged two raids on Jabana area of Hali district, and two others on main road of Hais district

In the northern province of Saada, the aggression fighter jets launched two strikes on a resident's house and a court building in Baqem district.

Also in Saada, two airstrikes hit Dhaher district, and three others on Boqea and Advain areas of Kutaf district.

Separately, Saudi artillery and missile shelling targeted several areas of Munabeh, Razeh, and Ghamer border districts in Saada.

In border provinces of Najran and Jiza, the warplanes launched two strikes on Talaah site of Najran, and five other air raids on Hamedha village and Dood mountain in Jizan, while apache helicopters fired rockets at the villages of Hamedha and Qamer.

Sameera H./zak
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UPDATED ON : Fri, 20 Apr 2018 20:43:55 +0300