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Supreme Political Council condemns closure of al-Aqsa
[17 July 2017]
HR minister discusses with officer of HR High Commissioner HR issues in Yemen
[11 July 2017]
Urgent: Supreme Political Council extends presidential term of al-Sammad
[04 July 2017]
President meets Interior Minister
[03 July 2017]
Supreme economic council holds meeting
[20 June 2017]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army destroys Saudi-paid mercenaries' vehicle in Jawf, kills crew
[21 July 2017]
US-Saudi air strikes hit Saada
[20 July 2017]
Army pounds Saudi sites in Aser
[19 July 2017]
Army targets mercenaries in Midi
[19 July 2017]
Army storms sites of mercenaries in Nehm
[19 July 2017]
Report: 49 Yemeni civilians killed in 212 Saudi aggression airstrikes in six days
[05 April 2017]
Roundup: 1107 Saudi airstrikes kill 135 Yemeni civilians in March
[29 March 2017]
Roundup: Saudi kills 15 Yemeni civilians in 112 airstrikes on Yemen in 3 days
[25 March 2017]
Report: Saudi kills 68 in 301 airstrikes on Yemen in 7 days
[23 March 2017]
Roundup: Saudi kills 30 in 235 airstrikes on Yemen in 6 days
[15 March 2017]
Minister of Planning meets UN official
[16 July 2017]
Parliament welcomes US House' vote to end support to Saudi aggression
[16 July 2017]
President congratulates President of Iraq on his country's national day
[14 July 2017]
Yemeni boxer Al-Qarnas wins 1st round of Asian Youth Boxing Championships
[03 July 2017]
President inspects cholera center in al-Sabeen hospital
[03 July 2017]
Parliament speaker meets director of international crisis group

SANAA, April 23 (Saba) – Speaker of the parliament Yahya Ali al-Raie met with director of the international crisis group April Alley to discuss the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

At the meeting, al-Raie welcomed Alley, wishing her all success in her work in Yemen.
The speaker said the parliament will provide all facilities to the organization to do its duties as well.
The speaker briefed Alley about the latest military escalation by Saudi-led aggression coalition against Yemen and its port city of Hodeidah, as well as the all-out siege imposed against the Yemeni people that led to acute shortage in food, medicine and other humanitarian needs.
The speaker invites Alley and her organization to inspect the humanitarian situations by themselves and to report the truth to the world.
During the meeting, al-Raie expressed surprise about a reported meeting that scheduled to be held in Geneva on April 25 to fund the humanitarian Response Plan for Yemen at the time the Saudi aggression has been continuing hitting the Yemeni people and using internationally prohibited cluster bombs against the Yemenis.

The meeting took place on Saturday.

Eman M./Zak
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