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President meets with al-Wahbi battalions' commander
[15 October 2018]
President stresses importance of strengthening combative readiness
[15 October 2018]
President meets PM, Parliament Speaker
[15 October 2018]
Minister of Transport inaugurates Transport Ministry's new website
[15 October 2018]
Health Minister announces establishment of scientific research center
[14 October 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Report: Army inflicts heavy casualties on Saudi-paid mercenaries in fronts
[15 October 2018]
Tribal meeting in Ibb to send military reinforcements
[14 October 2018]
Rally in capital Sanaa holds to back battle fronts
[14 October 2018]
Army kills tens of Saudi-pad mercenaries in several fronts
[14 October 2018]
Foreign Ministry condemns aggression frequent attacks on civilians
[13 October 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression airstrikes hit water sources and markets in Saada ,Hodeidah in the past 24 hours
[13 October 2018]
Reports: Four citizens killed, a child injured in the western coast in the past 24 hours
[12 October 2018]
Reports: Series of airstrikes hit Saada, Hodeidah , Jizan in the past 24 hours
[10 October 2018]
Yemeni armed forces announced achievement of unique victories in front of Jizan
[09 October 2018]
Report :The new poor's .. Harvest hatred…!
[07 October 2018]
Israeli occupation suppresses peaceful demonstrations in Gaza
[13 October 2018]
Parliament's Speaker congratulates Ugandan counterpart on National Day
[08 October 2018]
Palestine : 3 Israelis killed, injured in shooting in West bank
[07 October 2018]
Parliament Speaker sends letter to UN Secretary-General
[06 October 2018]
Currency crisis in Yemen drives millions of people one step closer to famine
[06 October 2018]
FM denies receiving invitation to attend political consultations

SANA'A, Dec. 28 (Saba) – Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf on Wednesday denied reports that the Political Leadership or the National Salvation Government have received an invitation to attend consultations aimed at reaching a political settlement.

"Till this moment we have not yet received any official invitation to attend any consultations or meetings," the minister told Saba.

He said the political leadership always welcomes any peace initiative to reach a political settlement that includes a comprehensive cessation of the aggression against the Yemeni people and lift the siege on the country.

"We are committed to the latest road map proposed by the United Nations envoy to Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, as a good basis for any coming meetings or consultations," said the minister Sharaf.

Mr. Sharaf stressed on the importance of reaching a comprehensive ceasefire that could succeed such meetings, lifting land, sea and air blockade, and lift siege on the capital Sana'a International

Airport before civil and commercial air traffic "as there were no justifications for closing the airport."
The Foreign Minister expressed his hope that the peace sponsor states would exert all efforts to help end the aggression war on Yemen.

"There will not be a peaceful settlement without preserving the rights of the Yemeni people and the Yemeni soil," Mr. Sharaf said.


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