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EU's decision emphasizing political solution to conflict in Yemen welcomed
[23 February 2019]
Arhab tribes disown Saudi aggression-backed traitors
[23 February 2019]
Parliamentary committee discuss draft expenditure plan for first half of 2019
[23 February 2019]
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Tribal rally in Ibb to reject normalization with Zionist entity
[21 February 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army repels mercenaries infiltration attempt in Marib
[23 February 2019]
Mercenaries military vehicle with its crew targeted in Jawf
[23 February 2019]
Dozens of Saudi-led mercenaries killed in ambush in Jawf
[23 February 2019]
Army kills more than 30 saudi-led mercenaries in Nehm, liberates new sites
[23 February 2019]
Five saudi-led airstrikes hit Hajjah
[23 February 2019]
Army kills dozens of Saudi soldiers, mercenaries in military attacks : Report
[23 February 2019]
Coalition continues over last hours to violate cease fire in Hodeidah, ten airstrikes on three provinces
[23 February 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition heavy losses within 24 hours : Report
[21 February 2019]
Army kills dozens of saudi soldiers, mercenaries in Jizan during attacks : Report
[20 February 2019]
Army pounds Saudi-paid mercenaries over 24 hours
[19 February 2019]
FM congratulates Brunei Darussalam's FM on National Day
[23 February 2019]
Buhari vows to provide security for postponed presidential election
[23 February 2019]
Trump talks about "very good" opportunity to reach trade deal with China
[23 February 2019]
IOF arrest secretary of the Fatah movement in old town of Jerusalem and Haj Ali Ajaj
[23 February 2019]
North Korean leader to visit Vietnam in coming days
[23 February 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
US-Saudi aggression warplanes continue raids on Yemen
[28/December/2016] SANA'A, Dec. 28 (Saba) – The US-Saudi aggression warplanes continued bombing Yemen's provinces during the last few hours, targeting citizens and their properties.

A military official said that the US-Saudi aggression warplanes waged a series of air raids on Raimah Humaid and Plastic factory in the Capital Sana'a and al-Qarnab area in al-Haimah al-Kharejeyah district in Sana'a province.

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched raids on Nehm, targeting Mahli area and in the south of Wadi Mahli area and in the west of Aqabt al-Sanani, he said.

The aggression warplanes also targeted al-Majaweha area, Suwaid area in the west of al-Madfon ara, in the east of Bani Amer area, Bani Astr area, Bani Naji area, Bani Shawkan area and al-Rabbah area, he added.

The official said that the US-Saudi aggression warplanes bombed al-Aqaran area with cluster bombs.

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes waged raids on Sa'ada province, targeting al-Masood area in Sahar district, al-Safia and al-Malahedh areas in al-Dhaher district, Baqem junction and al-Buqa'a area in Kutaf distric, including Madabah area, he added.

Qamael border area was also targeted by Saudi artillery rockets, the official said.

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes against Yemen waged raids on Khaled Military camp in Mocha district in Taiz province, he said.

The official added that the aggression targeted al-Amri area in Dhubab area in Taiz province. Meanwhile, warships aggression targeted the Khaled military camp with 16 rockets.

Meanwhile, the US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched seven air raids on School Guard in the west of Dairi in Dhamar city, he said.

The official said that the aggression warplanes waged two raids on the coastal defense area in al-Jabanah in Hodeida province.

He added that the warplanes targeted Nase'ah Mount in Dhale provine with four air raids.

The official said that US-Saudi aggression warplanes waged an air raid on Harad custom in Hajjah province.

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched an air raid on al-Sayabah village in Jizan, he added.

Meanwhile, the US-Saudi aggression warplanes targeted many areas in Baihan and Osailan districts of Shabwa province with a series of air raids.

The US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched an air raid on Serwah district in Mareb province. At the same time, Saudi-paid mercenaries pounded several areas in the district with Katyusha rockets.


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UPDATED ON : Sat, 23 Feb 2019 20:52:08 +0300