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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
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Roundup: Saudi aggression warplanes continue breaching ceasefire

Roundup: Saudi aggression warplanes continue breaching ceasefire

By Ali Ahsan

SANAA, Oct. 22 (Saba) – Saudi aggression warplanes continued over the past hours to breach cease-fire declared by the United Nations throughout Yemen, officials told Saba on Saturday.

In the northern governorate of Saada, at least three civilians were killed in an air strike by the Saudi aggression warplanes that targeted citizen`s houses in Mafrag Baqim district.

Al-Buqa area, also in Saada, the army and popular forces repelled Saudi-paid mercenaries when attempting to infiltrate towards the border crossing point of al-Buqa.

In Asir region, on the Yemeni northern border, the army and popular forces held off another attempt of the mercenaries to advance on al-Shaibani Galal area.

In Marib, at the heart of the country, Saudi air forces launched four air raids on the center of Serwah district, as well as the Saudi-paid mercenaries fired artillery and missiles targeted the army and popular forces` sites in Malh and al-Rabiah areas of the district.

The air strikes and mercenaries indiscriminate shells damaged residents' houses, the officials said.

In Sanaa governorate, the warplanes waged two raids on Bani Hushish district and other two strikes on Nagail Ban Gailan mountainous highway of Nehm district of governorate, northeast of the capital, Sanaa.

In southeast governorate of Al-Baidha, the mercenaries targeted the army and popular forces` military sites in Qevh, al-Zahir, Mukeiras and Dhi Naim districts with light and medium weapons.
In the southeastern province of Shabwa, the mercenaries shelled with various weapons the army military sites in Usaylan district.

In Taiz, the southwest province, the Saudi-paid mercenaries fired heavy and medium weapons on the provincial capital city of the province, which bears the same name. the mercenaries shelling also targeted the national army sites in Qushabah, Omari Dhubab, Karash areas in west of Taiz, as well as al-Wazeih district. Meanwhile, the army repelled an attempt by the mercenaries to advance toward Jarah Mount. The officials said the aggression warplanes kept flying over the province's capital city and districts for hours overnight.

In Jawf, the northeast province, the aggression fighter jets launched two strikes on al- Ghayl district as the army and popular forces repelled two attempts by the mercenaries to advance from al-Saber area to Sakia area and the other attempt towards Wafz area in al-Maslob district.

In the meantime, the army and popular forces bombed mercenaries' military vehicles when the army and popular forces confronted infiltration by the mercenaries in al-Moton district, also in Jawf, where officials and residents said the aggression fighter jets intensively flew over the regions for hours on Friday night.

In Lahj, the southwest province, the national army and popular forces repelled the mercenaries' attempts to advance towards the national forces' sites in Kahbub area.

In the southern province of al-Dhalee, the mercenaries fired light and medium weapons against residents' houses in Ramah, Nasah, Goz al-Kasabh and Shaleil villages, killing a citizen and wounding another in Shaleil village.

In the far northwest province of Hajja, the army and popular forces foiled an attempt by the enemy Saudi troops to advance toward the farthermost port of Tabat al-Sahil in the port city of Medi, the officials said.

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