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The Executive Office of the Yemeni Women's Union appeals to the organizations for assistance affected by tropical Cyclone "Luban
[17 October 2018]
President calls for the establishment of an aid fund in affected by the tropical cyclone in Al-Mahara
[17 October 2018]
Parliament calls for its members abroad to come back home
[16 October 2018]
Challenges facing service sectors due to aggression discussed
[16 October 2018]
From south to north .. No to starvation and occupation in Yemen
[16 October 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
A citizen injured by aggression target in Saada
[18 October 2018]
5citizens killed, injured by coalition airstrikes in Hodeidah
[18 October 2018]
Dozens of Saudi-paid mercenaries kills, injures in Jawf
[18 October 2018]
Artillery shelling targets Saudi vehicles gatherings in Marib
[18 October 2018]
Army launches Zilzal-2 on mercenaries' troops in Asir
[18 October 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Saada in the past 24 hours
[17 October 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression airstrikes hit water sources and markets in Saada ,Hodeidah in the past 24 hours
[13 October 2018]
Reports: Four citizens killed, a child injured in the western coast in the past 24 hours
[12 October 2018]
Reports: Series of airstrikes hit Saada, Hodeidah , Jizan in the past 24 hours
[10 October 2018]
Yemeni armed forces announced achievement of unique victories in front of Jizan
[09 October 2018]
FM sends letter to EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs
[16 October 2018]
From south to north .. No to starvation and occupation in Yemen
[16 October 2018]
Israeli occupation suppresses peaceful demonstrations in Gaza
[13 October 2018]
Parliament's Speaker congratulates Ugandan counterpart on National Day
[08 October 2018]
Palestine : 3 Israelis killed, injured in shooting in West bank
[07 October 2018]
Int'l organizations call for ceasefire to transfer aid to Yemen

SANA'A, May 12 (Saba) - A group of 17 international organization has condemned the heavy aerial bombardment on Sa'ada province.

In a press release issued on Monday, the international humanitarian organizations called for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to transfer humanitarian aid to Yemen, appealing to all to cease the immediate and permanent ceasefire as it regarded the only solution to put an end to millions of innocent lives suffering due to the unjust blockade in the country.

Director of Save the Children in Yemen Eduardo Santiago stressed the indiscriminate shelling after dropping leaflets urging civilians to leave Sa'ada raises concerns and breaches the international humanitarian law.

"Warning civilians do not absolve of the Saudi-led coalition responsibility for its duty to protect them, infrastructure and government facilities."

Mr. Santiago said that the warning time period made by the coalition was not sufficient for civilians to flee due to acute shortage of petroleum products and because of imposing blockade on Yemen which caused difficulty and impossibility to displace civilians in the length of time imposed by the coalition forces.

"We are concerned about the continued heavy shelling on the province of Sa'ada and this will do nothing to encourage all parties to the conflict to abide by the ceasefire," the country director of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Yemen said.

He confirmed the truce period determined by the coalition to stop the aerial bombardment with five days will not significantly change the lives of millions of Yemenis due to the huge size of aid and humanitarian needs required and which also growing on the ground.

"There is an urgent need to halt hostilities in order to move humanitarian aid to the country," said Daw Mohamed, Yemen country director for CARE International.

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UPDATED ON : Thu, 18 Oct 2018 23:48:21 +0300