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Supreme Security Committee mourns Interior Minister
[21 April 2019]
PM discusses ways to re-operate Marib gas power station
[20 April 2019]
National Vision for Building Yemen's Modern State sets 12 axis to achieve 175 goals by 2030
[20 April 2019]
Sana'a Mayor meets Head of UN-Habitat in Yemen
[20 April 2019]
Presidential decree approving national vision for state building issued
[20 April 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
YPC holds so-called Aden commission responsible for continued oil derivatives vessels' detention
[21 April 2019]
Court in capital compels prosecution to execute decisions to arrest Hadi, others traitors, detain their properties
[21 April 2019]
Army downs Saudi-led reconnaissance aircraft off Najran
[21 April 2019]
Army fires ballistic missile at Saudi-led mercenaries’ gatherings off Jizan
[21 April 2019]
Security arrests 11 Saudi-paid collaborators in Jawf
[20 April 2019]
Coalition continues violations for Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces over last hours
[21 April 2019]
Army liberates, secures new sites in Taiz, Baydha, Jawf from the inflicted-heavy-losses mercenaries over last hours
[21 April 2019]
Coalition continue to violate Sweden agreement, attacks several provinces: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army liberates more than 50 sites, inflicts on mercenaries heavy losses: Report
[19 April 2019]
Army inflicts on Saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours ; Report
[15 April 2019]
IOF arrest 7 Palestinians from West Bank, one of them with disabilities
[21 April 2019]
IOF attack Palestinian students, teachers of schools in southern area of ​​Al-Khalil
[21 April 2019]
Yemeni victories and aggression`s failure: Report
[20 April 2019]
YPC announces alert to receive vessels of oil derivatives after release
[19 April 2019]
FM congratulates his counterpart of Zimbabwe on National Day
[18 April 2019]
Revolutionary Committee issues decrees

SANA'A, Feb. 07 (Saba) - The Revolutionary Committee has issued decree No.(1) for the year 2015 appointing Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Subeihi acting defense minister and Maj. Gen. Jalal al-Rowaishan acting interior minister.

The Revolutionary Committee has also issued decree No. (2) for the year 2015 on the formation of the Higher Security Committee headed by Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Subeihi and the And membership of the following:
1. Maj. Gen. Jalal Al Rowaishan
2. Khaled Hamoud al-Sofi
3. Dr. Ali Hassan Al-Ahmadi
4. Maj. Gen. Hussein Khairan
5. Maj. Gen. Zakaria al-Shami
6. Brigadier Ahmed Mohsen Al Yafei
7. Maj. Gen. Abdulrazzaq al-Marwani
8. Maj. Gen. Awad bin Farid
9. Maj. Gen. Abdulraqeeb Thabet al-Subeihi
10. Maj. Gen. Ali Bin Ali al-Jaefi
11. Maj. Gen. Abdullah Mahnaf
12. Yusuf Hassan Ismail al-Madani
13. Yahya Abdullah Abdullah al-Hakim
14. Abdulrab Saleh Ahmed Jarfan
15. Taha Hassan al-Madani
16. Guest Abdullah Saleh Mohammed Subhan
17. Mohammed Abdulkarim al-Ghemari

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