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  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
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[15 August 2018]
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[01 August 2018]
Al-Masirah TV reporter injured in Saudi border shelling
[01 August 2018]
UN warns Yemen's Hodeidah one airstrike away from unstoppable cholera
[30 July 2018]
President Hadi, the man of the transition

By: Mohammad Rajeh

SANA'A, May 21 (Saba)- President Hadi is quietly leading Yemen onwards in the most difficult stage amid noise and hustle some try to change them into crises, commotions and unrest using different destructive tools to destroy the country.

The President does not care of this hustle but only look toward future and taking Yemen into the safe road to cross all noises and realize the generations' dreams and aspirations of desired change. This aim requires hard efforts the president has been exerting since three years to put off the fire of commotions and wars and reconciliation between all political parties and forces. His contribution in making the Gulf Initiative and the National Dialogue Conference a success have been his major achievement.

Many politicians, experts and different people believe in the role played by President Hadi to make the transitional a success and his huge efforts to reconciliate between all political forces. They noted to the difficult problems faced the National Dialogue Conference and how the president intervened to solve them.

Legal Advisor Abduljabaral-Salami believes that President Hadi is the man of the transitional in Yemen for his courage and efficiency in dealing with difficult and complicated stages and for his loyalty to the homeland.

Despite the heavy inheritance of challenges and corruption spread in all the country's bodies, President Hadi has shown high level of responsibility in dealing with many plots and objections and his efforts aiming at solving the national issues in different fields.
Experts talk about the necessity of dealing with changes the country is witnessing, settling issues, curing injustices and solving all issues transparently as national responsibility.

Ahmad al-Muntaser believes that the success of the Gulf Initiative has shown extreme capabilities of the President Hadi surprised some who pre-judged failure on implementing the initiative and not reaching any solutions in the NDC.

He confirmed the difficulty of current complicated files that require the cooperation of all to overcome them and looking towards the future with a sense of national responsibility and justice to solve all difficult issues blocking the political process in the country.


Experts estimate that the performance of the president during the past period included several difficult stages in 2011 and 2011 and was able to deal strongly with hard situations and difficult issues that obstructed the process of change in Yemen.
Last year represented another difficult stage of some changes led by restructuring the traditional forces. Al-Urdi terrorist attack represented a third stage during which the president's courage has been shown when he faced different difficulties and incidents whatever their size or effects are.

The Security General of Agricultural Cooperative Union Ali al-Haithami says there are parties creating crisis targeting the Yemeni people and its livings like blocking the roads before tankers carrying oil derivatives in several areas and the repeated attacks against oil pipelines.

Now there is a new situation, people have the NDC's outcomes and big efforts have been exerted for ending commotions, says al-Haithami, adding that facing evil force requires the cooperation of all with the president to take Yemen into the right path towards the future and development.


Citizens believe that President Hadi is the best to lead the country in current stage and he proved this efficiency during the past period after signing the Gulf Initiative.

They confirmed that there was anxious and fear in the beginning but the performance of the president reassured the people who then hoped that the president would protect the unity of the homeland and its security and stability.

They praised the president's efforts in making the transitional successful and easing all difficulties and obstacles faced the NDC.
Ashraf Abdulkarim, university student says they must be optimistic that a prosperity will come, adding " we do not want a democracy used to as a tool for destruction as democracy means construction and development not differences and clashes."

There are who work against their country, he believes, if anyone wants to destroy the roof of it, it will fall on the heads of all and nobody will survive.

"All have to fear Allah in this country, this stage we go through is rapprochement stage not splay and this requires forgetting the past and thinking about the future," he added.

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UPDATED ON : Wed, 15 Aug 2018 00:10:41 +0300