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President attends graduation ceremony of security batches
[24 February 2018]
HR minister, Hodeidah governor inspect humanitarian situation
[20 February 2018]
Interior ministry to complete integrating popular committees into security facilities
[20 February 2018]
Prime Minster mourns al-Shatri's death
[19 February 2018]
Occupiers’ attempts to clone military institutions are futile: President
[18 February 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Six of Saudi-led aggressive airstrikes hit Taiz
[25 February 2018]
Army attacks sites of Saudi troops, mercenaries over Saturday
[25 February 2018]
Saudi airstrikes hit several provinces over Saturday
[25 February 2018]
3 citizens wounded in Saudi air raids, missile attacks on Saada
[24 February 2018]
Army launches missiles on Riyadh's mercenaries in Jawf
[24 February 2018]
Report: Army attacks against Saudi troops over 24 hours
[22 February 2018]
Report: 15 civilians killed in 28 coalition airstrikes over past 24 hours
[22 February 2018]
Report: 43 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen on Tuesday
[21 February 2018]
Report: Army wages offensives on Saudi enemy’s gatherings in Tuesday
[21 February 2018]
Report: Army kills, wounds Saudi soldiers, mercenaries on Monday
[20 February 2018]
HR ministry condemns Saudi war crimes on Saada
[20 February 2018]
FM sends condolences to Iranian counterpart over plane crash
[20 February 2018]
Yemen condemns Saudi Shura council member inciting to violence
[18 February 2018]
Yemen welcomes new UN envoy
[17 February 2018]
FM meets UN official
[14 February 2018]
Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the Friends of Yemen Group
NEW YORK, 26 Sep. (Saba)- The Friends of Yemen:

- Reiterate the full support to the unity, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Yemen as well as commitment to the principle of non-interference in Yemen’s internal affairs.

- Commend President Hadi and the Government to Yemen for the progress achieved in the implementation of the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism.

- Welcome the progress made by Friends of Yemen and Donors since the Fifth Ministerial Meeting of the Friends of Yemen Group held in London on 7 March 2013.

- Reaffirm to continue to support Yemen throughout the entire transition period and provide it with all necessary political and material support.


National Dialogue and Political Transition

- Reiterate that the only way to a united, peaceful, stable and prosperous Yemen is through the outcome of the National Dialogue and the transition process.

- Welcome the progress made so far in the political transition in particular the progress achieved by the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) and expresses its full support for it.

- Stress the importance of implementing and communicating to the Yemeni people the outcome of the National Dialogue, which to be concluded soon.

- Welcome the confidence-building measures taken in particular the steps to implement the 20 points recommended by the NDC's preparatory technical committee and the 11 points approved by the NDC on southern issue. Encourage the Government of Yemen to deliver on these points.

- Applaud the work of the National Dialogue Consensus Committee and its role to moderate and reconcile between the various groups and assist in reaching consensus.

- Recall the Security Council's Presidential Statement of 15 February 2013 in which the Council reiterated its readiness to consider further measures, including under Article 41 of the UN Charter, against any actions aimed at undermining the Government of National Unity and the political transition.

National Elections

- Welcome the steps taken by the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referenda (SCER) in preparing for the electoral process, including steps to create a new biometric voter registry.

- Welcome the amendments to the Elections and Referendum Law aiming at achieving transparent and credible election.

- Call upon the international community to continue providing technical and financial assistance for the elections.


- Reiterate the importance of maintaining and strengthening the economic support for Yemen to help alleviate the economic hardships and improve the livelihood of the Yemeni people.

- Welcome the establishment of the Executive Bureau for projects implementation and support to the Yemen Government on policy reform and urge donors to corporate with it..

- Urge donors who have not yet started dispersing their pledges to do so without delay and ensure that their allocations are aligned with the economic transition priorities and projects of the TSPD.

- Welcome the progress made by the government on policy reforms set out in the MAF and recognise the importance of further progress in order to encourage foreign direct investment in Yemen to support its economy and create employment opportunities and improve the lives of the Yemeni people.

- Note that despite the progress made in the political transition the overall humanitarian challenges remain unchanged. 13 million people still lack access to safe water and sanitation; 10.5 million people do not have enough food; 6.5 million people have insufficient health care; and 1 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition.

- Call upon international community to increase their support to the 2013 Yemen Consolidated Appeal Process which is only {38} per cent funded.

- Welcome the adoption of the National policy for Addressing Internal Displacement in Yemen and express support for its implementation. Call on the Government of Yemen and the International Community to continue its efforts to improve assistance to migrants and refugees.

- Welcome the steps taken to restructure the armed and military forces including the establishment of seven military regions.

- Encourage the Government of Yemen to speed the process of the restructuring and reform of its Interior Ministry.

- Condemn the attacks on electricity lines as well as oil and gas pipelines which entail heavy losses for the national economy and exacerbate the suffering of Yemenis.

- Unequivocally reject the payment of ransoms to terrorists and call on countries and companies around the world to stamp out this as well as other lucrative sources of income for terrorists.

- Express concerns over the continuing smuggling of arms into Yemen to warring factions.

- Welcome the Government of Yemen's continuing efforts to combat terrorism and piracy and confirm their commitment to continue their support to Yemen in this regard.

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