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4 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Hodeidah
[16 November 2018]
Festive evening held at the open air theater in Sanaa on Anniversary of Birth of Prophet
[16 November 2018]
Great Mosque in Hodeidah after its restoration and rehabilitation inaugurated
[16 November 2018]
Analysis of bids for T-bills worth more than YR 84 milliards in Yemen's Central Bank
[15 November 2018]
FM congratulates his Palestinian counterpart on National Day
[15 November 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Army bombards Saudi-led mercenaries' gatherings in Asir
[16 November 2018]
Army shells Saudi-led mercenaries' gatherings in Jizan
[16 November 2018]
Army shells Saudi-led mercenaries' gatherings in Hajjah
[16 November 2018]
3 Saudi-led air strikes hit Hajjah
[16 November 2018]
Army's drone’s air strike hit Saudi-led mercenaries' camp in Marib
[16 November 2018]
Report: Army inflicts heavy casualties on Saudi-paid mercenaries in all fronts
[15 November 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression wages provinces in the past 24 hour
[15 November 2018]
11 civilians killed, injured, series airstrikes on Hodeidah, Saada provinces
[14 November 2018]
At least army launches 1451 targeting operation against coalition's invaders in west coast : Report
[12 November 2018]
Report: Series of Saudi' airstrikes hit provinces in the 24 hours
[12 November 2018]
100 displaced people die every month in Syrian camp Rukban : Russian Health Ministry
[16 November 2018]
Cambodian officials sentenced to life imprisonment for genocide
[16 November 2018]
Tajikistan opens giant hydroelectric dam at $ 3.9 billion at Rogan
[16 November 2018]
N. Korea announces successful test of new high-tech weapon
[16 November 2018]
Russia is ready to work on a peace treaty with Japan : Putin
[15 November 2018]
New Government members sworn on before Vice President

SANA'A, Dec. 10 (Saba) - The National Reconciliation Government was sworn on Saturday before Vice President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

The Government formed Wednesday in accordance with the republican decree No. 184 for 2011 is chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed Salem Basindwa.

The government's members nominated by the General People Congress (GPC) and its allies and the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and its partners, are:
Abu Bakr al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affaires;
Yahya al-Shu'aibi, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research;
Hamoud Ubad, Minister of Endowment and Islamic Affaires;
Amat al-Razzaq Hummad, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor;
Omar al-Kurshumi, Minister of Public Works and Roads;
Awadh Saad al-Socatri, Minister of Fisheries Wealth;
Mohammed Nasir Ahmed, Minister of Defense;
Saleh Hasan Sumai, Minister of Electricity;
Hisham Sharaf, Minister of Oil and Minerals;
Nabil Shamsan, Minister of Civil Service and Insurance;
Muammar al-Eryani, Minister of Youth and Sports;
Abdul-Qader Qahtan, Interior Minister;
Mohammed al-Sa'adi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation;
Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology;
Ali Mohamed al-Yazidi, Minister of Local Administration;
Sakhr Ahmed al-Wajih, Minister of Finance;
Abdul-Hafez Nomu'an, Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training;
Farid Ahmed Mujawar, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation;
Abdul-Razzaq Yahya al-Ashwal, Minister of Education;
Ahmed Qassim al-Ansi, Minister of Public Health and Population;
Houriah Ahmed Mashhour, Minister of Human Rights;
Mohammed Ahmed al-Mikhlafi, Minister of Legal Affairs;
Abdo Razzaz Saleh Khaled, Minister of Water and Environment;
Abdullah Aubal Mandhouq, Minister of Culture;
Mujahid al-Quhali, Minister for Expatriate Affaires;
Wa'ed Abdullah Bathib, Minister of Transport;
Murshed Ali al-Arashani, Minister of Justice;
Rashad Ahmad al-Rassas, Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council affairs;
Ahmed Ali al-Amrani, Minister of Information;
Jawharah Hamoud Thabet, Minister of State for Cabinet Affaires;
Shaif Ezi Saghir, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet;
Hasan Ahmed Sharaf al-Din, Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet.


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