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[15 November 2018]
President Saleh chairs GPC meeting
SANA’A, Dec. 09 (Saba)- A speech was delivered by President Ali Abdullah Saleh at the extraordinary session of the Permanent Committee of the General People's Congress and the National Democratic Alliance parties in Sana’a.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

We are here to launch the proceedings of the extraordinary session of the General People's Congress [GPC] and its allies. This session is dedicated to discuss a number of organizational and political issues. First of all and during this session, the GPC will review the results of the Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanism. The Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanisms were disseminated by various media outlets. The outcomes are the same as the initiative that was announced at that time. However, there was disagreement on the signing of the initiative. You may have initially observed that we did not have any objection to signing the initiative, whether by the president or his deputy.

Our brothers in the Joint Meeting Parties [JMP] were supposed to come to the presidential palace or presidential headquarters to sign. We did not have any objection. However, the media outlets - that oppose the revolution, the republic, freedom, and democracy - were marked with hostility. These media outlets exaggerated matters as if we refrained. We contacted King Abdullah the custodian of the two holy mosques and with his noble patronage we reached solutions. The solutions were as follows: I go to Riyadh and the ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] as well as the ambassadors of the UNSC permanent member states attend the signing of the GCC initiative. We are looking forward to seeing the implementation of this mechanism.

We will not allow the fourth point to supersede the first or second one. These points must come in the order that has been agreed upon. This is a way out and a solution to the problem and God willing the government will be formed soon. The national consensus government will be announced very soon and the mechanism is clear. With hope and confidence, we look forward to keeping away from tension and the media outlets that add fuel to the fire. We need calm and the new coalition government should seek calm.

For our part, we as parties will strive to calm things down through our newspapers and all our media outlets so as to lay the groundwork for a suitable atmosphere. That is, we will provide facilitations to the coalition government so that it can perform its functions. We will seek to end tensions, put an end to electricity outages, and remove roadblocks and checkpoints. The work to be done is clear.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon everyone to cooperate and I urge the GPC and its allies to cooperate in this matter. We look to the other parties to also cooperate so as to extricate this nation from this suffocating crisis that has damaged the national economy and halted the projects, development, and services. The oil pipelines have been ruptured and there are electricity outages. Who serves whom in this matter. That is a service to whom? But our steadfast and courageous people have endured all this for 10 months. They have endured power outages, the halting of the projects and development, and the increased unemployment. All of that has piled up as a consequence of the critical crisis that has hit this nation.

I believe that signing the initiative and its implementation mechanisms is a way out and a solution to the problem. But the requirements are clear consciences and cleansed minds. What is required is that we forge ahead with the implementation of the initiative and reconstruct what this crisis has wrought.

We are all brothers in this nation and you cannot uproot your neighbour from the neighbourhood. No one can uproot a neighbour from the neighbourhood, and so it is. It is imperative that we coexist and understand each other, no matter the differences. In reality, it is imperative that we come to an agreement and have a dialogue about all the issues. This is what we had said earlier before the bloodshed and the killings. We said: "Come, let us have a dialogue and an understanding". We said: "Come, let us have a dialogue and an understanding." This is where we are now. We have come to an understanding.

We have signed the initiative and its implementation mechanisms and became part of the coalition government. It is imperative that everyone cooperate. Why did this not happen earlier? It was due to stubbornness, arrogance, and the wrong notion that some people thought they could twist the arms of others. No one can twist another person's arms. And so it is, during the period of 10 month, no one was capable of twisting the others' arm. If this were understood earlier, then the problem would have been solved.

Now there is a consensus on the nomination of a president for the republic, a consensus president. We hope that cooperation will be accorded to the consensus president who was nominated by everyone, and he is Lt-Gen Abd0 Rabbo Mansour Hadi. He is our nominee for the next phase, he is a deeply rooted achiever within the GPC, and is its secretary general. It is therefore incumbent upon him to answer and listen to the majority. He is a consensus nominee and the GPC and its allies' nominee. What does Hadi expect? He expects everyone's cooperation. As of now, we vouch that we will remain cooperative with him in good and bad times. He will be given the cooperation of all the political parties that are allied with the GPC. The GPC, as a general people's congress, dominates the field and is accepted and welcomed better than ever before. We are prepared to apply our maximum efforts to lead, restructure, and reorganize the GPC.

The GPC has proven itself during the last 10 months to be a deep-rooted political party that has within its ranks all of this country's patriotic figures, as well as social-minded, experienced, development-oriented, and educational figures and economic experts. No one can deny that.

The party has proven itself capable and it was present throughout this crisis and for the past 10 months in all the squares. This was done voluntarily. All the party's members, supporters, and leading figures stood voluntarily in the squares in support of constitutional legitimacy, the revolution, republic, as well as unity, freedom and democracy. This is what the GPC is all about.

The candidate that we agreed upon is the GPC's and he now needs everyone's collaboration. He needs collaboration from all the state institutions, from the local authority as well as from the military and security forces. He needs everyone's collaboration and solidarity in order to extricate the country from this crisis.

We also call our brothers in the JMP to stop bickering so that we can open a new page and implement the provisions stipulated in the GCC initiative and its implementation mechanism. It is imperative that we all make concessions. We should make concessions, one after the other for the sake of the homeland. When Ali Abdullah Saleh ratified this initiative, it was to take the country out of this crisis.

Power is a heavy burden and not a trophy, as some people think. Power is a burden, not a spoil to be pillaged, as some people imagine. Yes, it is a burden for those who are capable of assuming their responsibilities. We assumed our responsibilities for 33 years. We assumed responsibility and faced numerous daunting difficulties. However, most of the people in this country were cooperative. They sided with legitimacy and we were able to achieve what we achieved in the field of development and public services. That is great. Now the 10-month crisis ends and we should open a new page of consensual, political, and social work. As I said a while back, no one was capable of twisting another person's arms.

We wish this session all the luck and success. It was agreed that Ali Mujawwr will be nominated the [GPC's] secretary general. God willing, an extended meeting of the permanent committee and its subcommittees in all the governorates will be held in February 2012.

We shall all cooperate with the secretary general, the deputy secretary generals, and all the branches in the governorates. This will be done to reorganize our party and redeploy its leading figures. This reorganization is intended to benefit the homeland, which needs the efforts of all the sincere men of the great people of Yemen.

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