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President meets COCA head
[21 October 2018]
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[20 October 2018]
272criminal cases regulate in the capital Sanaa in the past week
[20 October 2018]
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[20 October 2018]
The Executive Office of the Yemeni Women's Union appeals to the organizations for assistance affected by tropical Cyclone "Luban
[17 October 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Civilian killed in Saudi aggression airstrike on Hodeidah
[21 October 2018]
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[21 October 2018]
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[20 October 2018]
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[20 October 2018]
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[20 October 2018]
Report: Why the Poverty in Yemen rises to 8.5 during this year !
[20 October 2018]
Report: Coalition airstrikes hit Hodeidah, Saada in the past 24 hours
[20 October 2018]
Reports: Saudi aggression airstrikes hit Saada in the past 24 hours
[17 October 2018]
Report: Yemen invaders cemetery
[20 October 2018]
FM sends letter to EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs
[16 October 2018]
From south to north .. No to starvation and occupation in Yemen
[16 October 2018]
Israeli occupation suppresses peaceful demonstrations in Gaza
[13 October 2018]
Parliament's Speaker congratulates Ugandan counterpart on National Day
[08 October 2018]
President Saleh urges dialogue with opposition to end current crisis
In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate,

Brothers and sisters, the citizens everywhere,

God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you,

As we celebrate the advent of the blessed the Eid al-Adha, I am delighted to extend my heartfelt blessings and sincerest congratulations on this great religious occasion which is dear to all Muslim men and women. I congratulate all pilgrims of the sacred House of God on the success and support granted to them by God to perform pilgrimage, one of the main pillars of Islam. Blessings be upon you for the efforts exerted and the hardships suffered for the purpose of attaining Almighty God's blessings and forgiveness.

I wish all pilgrims a successful and accepted pilgrimage, and a safe return home. I also ask God, on this great religious occasion, to bless the Arab and Islamic nation and grant it prosperity. May God bless our people and our nation with the end to all crises and place them on the path of progress, development, and prosperity.

This important duty, which is the fifth pillar of true Islam, transfers the Muslims from their narrow surroundings to open spaces within the Islamic nation to achieve a deep and tangible understanding of the unity of the Islamic nation and the greatness of its multiple components that are part of one closely knit inextricable religious family. The unity of the believers and the Islamic nation under one religious umbrella, including all communities scattered across the continents of our small planet, is all due to Almighty God.

A righteous religious life is not about prim and priestly rituals or acts of exaggeration; rather, it is about moderation, tolerance, propriety, and honorable ethics. This is what the great Prophet, prayers and peace be upon him, meant when he said: "Religion is man's treatment of other fellow-beings," and "I was sent to perfect righteous manners."

Religious life is when we embark upon God's path and embrace the natural disposition to relation we have with Almighty God, and when we have brotherly treatment of others without lying to them or controlling them. This religious life is also characterized by treating others as ordered by Almighty God in His holy book and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad, peace and prayers be upon him.

True Islam is about clarity, simplicity, and rationality in religion, faith, principles, ethics, and behaviour, and this is why it greatly spread across the continents of the world until the time came and populism, racism, and hatred spread among the Muslim people due to the political conflicts, sectarian strife, arrogance, and deeming others disbelievers and marginalizing them, which contradict with the essence of religion propagated by the honest Prophet who was sent by God to spread the divine message.

This stage necessitates going back to Islam and the pure sources of Islam, and holding on to the sincere and righteous faith that provides immunity to the people, and protects the societies and is considered the force that builds a united moderate nation.

This religious occasion comes while our country is living in exceptional circumstances that are extremely difficult and dangerous at the security, economic, social levels as well as living standards in general. These circumstances were brought about due to the stifling crisis that was caused by the forces that are illegally seeking power and carrying out ongoing aggressive measures against the government, political regime, and will of the proud Yemeni people.

They went as far as employing evil hands to help the outlawed, deluded, and vindictive elements carry out criminal acts. Also, they are employing the elements of extremism and terrorism from the al-Qaeda Organization to be part of the sabotage and destructive scheme that aims to undermine security and stability, spread terrorism and terror, weaken the structure of the government, and target the abilities of the government and local authorities. They also seek to destroy the national economy under the pretext of change, while failing to realize that change cannot be achieved through sabotage, chaos, violence, and spreading the culture of hatred, conspiracies, and sedition.

Those backward methods have perished with the end of totalitarian regimes and the rise of the dawn of unity that came to enforce the principle of peaceful transfer of power using democratic means adopted by all democratic countries; namely, the ballot boxes.

Power cannot be achieved through intimidation or chaos, nor through murdering, attacking, displacing, or looting innocent citizens. Those forces that are working on dragging the nation and the citizens to sedition, war, and struggle - which have unpredictable outcomes - do not adopt a national vision that would improve the nation and attain the desired change; instead they have a vision of vengeance.

They are the reason behind the obstruction of the development progress in all public and private sectors. They are also the reason behind the stopping of investments, constructions, business, and trade; they halted the work of many factories and farms had employed thousands of workers. Moreover, they cut off the livelihoods of citizens and disrupted the family life of the safe Yemenis, and spreading fear and terror. They blocked the public roads and blew up the oil and gas pipes. They caused power outages and cut off the citizens' water supply. They killed the children, women, elderly, and the youth whom they used as human shields to reach their exposed goals. They are seeking to reach their goals which they think would justify the criminal acts they are perpetrating to seize power.

For the said purpose, they have blindly imitated the events in other Arab countries, incited by their sick illusions to shed blood on the Yemeni land by their oppressive vision based on hatred, grudges, and revenge against the homeland and its achievements in development and democracy; against citizens, their choices and adherence to their will and right to defend their freedom and democracy. They bore malice against the special foreign relations that their country enjoys with both brotherly and friendly countries. Furthermore, they have shown blatant animosity towards the prestigious position that our country enjoys among all world countries.

Nevertheless, our great people have tolerated with patience and fortitude all the repercussions and complications of this crisis, during which they have shown exceptional resilience in confronting them and a rare kind of courage in dealing with ordeals, affirming their strength in the face of adversity. This distress has granted these people more determination to stick to the patriotic principles and cultural values that have been known since ancient times. This was reflected in their attitude and daily behaviour in spite of the storms of violence, chaos, and sabotage that targeted the safety, security, and unity of their homeland.

Our great Yemeni people, who triumphed for the sake of their revolution and unity, and offered many caravans martyrs for the purpose of deep rooting them and strengthening their bases, are able now more than ever to defend with ferocity the achievements and accomplishments in the various fields.

Our great and patient people - who are struggling in the midst of severe adversity with self-esteem and trust in the homeland's ability and their personal potentials - are grateful for the brotherly and noble humanitarian stances of solidarity with them and those who supported them out of this adversity and helped them overcome the many difficulties. They are aware of the good and loyal intentions towards resolving this crisis based on the efforts exerted for the sake of reconciling and adopting efficient and pertinent deals and such by encouraging all the parties to conduct dialogues and resume the discussions on the remaining pending topics with regard to the implementation mechanism of the Gulf initiative so as to honour everyone and reach the aspired demands to which we have already announced our compliance. We are working on meeting those demands and have taken many steps and respective presidential decisions so as not to avoid excuses and wasting time.

However, we are currently witnessing that some political and partisan forces are being supported by rebellious and dark forces. The current daily escalation and their failure to respond or meet the international community's call that stressed the importance of resolving the Yemeni crisis through a political settlement agreement based on the Gulf initiative are all evidence to their insistence to complicate the crisis and rejection of all initiatives suggested by the good forces in the world keen to preserve the unity, security, and stability of the homeland; namely, the GCC initiative which we have always supported.

We have also welcomed and have been committed to Resolution 2014. We have called on the opposition to conduct dialogue so as to complete the disputes on the implementation mechanism, proceeding from our firm faith that dialogue is the only and best way to end crises and that there is no replacement for dialogue among all the parties in the framework of the patriotic principles and constitution away from the infightings, revenge and animosity so as to avoid anything that would cause discord among the Yemeni people. Dialogue is the civilized way that all the free people must follow so as to achieve reform and change for the best.

On this occasion, we renew the call to all the parties to reject violence and extremism. Violence shall only engender violence, political conflict, and wars which victim and fuel is the citizen. We stress our determination to keep supporting the constructive efforts by vice-president Major General Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi in the light of the authorized delegation to complete the dialogue with the opposition and sign the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanism so as to achieve the immediate political participation among all the parties and achieve the legal, democratic, and peaceful transition in accordance with the constitution, in addition to public, free, direct, and early presidential elections.

What is more important is to ease the serious negative consequences of this crisis upon the citizens' lives, living conditions, and national economy. We call on the brotherly and friendly countries, particularly the neighbouring GCC countries, to support the security and stability of Yemen and to do their utmost to bridge gaps and narrow - even limit - differences. This should happen according to the commitment to initial solid stances which combine all in one trench of destiny, since our security is theirs and vice versa. The blessing of stability is a collective one which has no borders between neighbouring countries. We look forward to the hands of help and assistance to our people pertaining to the economic and developmental aspects. These aspects have become closely connected with security problems as is the case with the social suffering, of which poverty and unemployment are the most dangerous.

Despite the enormity of the outcome and the bitterness of the effects that continue to be caused by the growing crisis with all its repercussions, we can - through collective will - stop the devastating disaster that cannot be envisaged anyone, even by those who kindled its flames and suppose they will survive it.

We can come out unharmed from the midst of the crisis after they have spread ruin, death, and strife. Despite all this, the ones who proved their steadfastness, cohesion, and great ability to absorb all blows and shocks are the proud, struggling, persevering, and steadfast people. The Armed Forces and National Security are rightfully leading and are the mighty fortress for the free and dignified lives of Yemenis, gains, and achievements. The people and the armed and security forces have embodied their unwavering fundamental principle to preserve the safety and gains of the homeland, protect constitutional legitimacy; and demonstrate resilience to all risks that began to threaten the unity, security, and stability of the homeland. They can achieve the desired victory for the will to live as well as security and peace. The people, security, and armed forces have the most sincere feelings of pride and gratitude.

The most sincere and heartfelt congratulates on the occasion of this joyous holiday and on every occasion which, thanks to them, the homeland celebrates whatever the circumstances and bad conditions. These conditions will not last and will go away, God willing, through their steadfastness and efforts in the fields of development, construction, and defence as well as facing challenges and risks.

God has ordered us to hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah stretches out, resort to good talk, heed to reason and logic, and submit to the convincing pretexts. Today, the statement issued by the Muslim scholars is available to the Yemeni people. This statement explained in all sincerity and clarity, using legitimate and clear proof, the path that should be taken by everyone so as to resolve the current crisis and avoid the ravages of infighting and strife.

Our primary duty is to gladly accept this statement and honestly respond to what it offered. This will help both of us, the authority and the opposition, know the truth and take the path of victory, success, and salvation for all, including sparing lives, preventing bloodshed, and maintaining achievements and property.

Our proud Yemeni people will continue stand firm to their national aspirations and legitimate hopes and will work for them. The movement of building the new dignified Yemen of 22 May, which advances towards the rational and better era, cannot move back or entirely stop. The experiences of the current stage will strengthen the people's will and will not overcome it. It is due to the strong Yemeni people - the people of the revolution, unity, freedom, and democracy - that the achievements of the life which were chosen by the people will continue.

This life will protect their dignified and free present as well as their future. Let Yemen's status rank highest in the new era and civilization progress as sought by the high aspirations and strong wills of its people. This is the destiny which will be fulfilled by all Yemenis living in this homeland. The homeland will not forsake or renounce any of its people except those who renounce it and are actively involved in prostitution, terrorism, aggression, betrayal of its unity, sovereignty, and independence, as well as hatred of freedom, democracy, and its firm constitutional system.

I will not expatiate, as I only wanted to extend my heartfelt and sincerest congratulations to all the people of our proud and struggling nation as well as to all the pilgrims of the scared house of God. I ask God to accept their pilgrimage, reward their efforts, and forgive them for their sins. I would like to congratulate all the armed forces and security elements and leaders, both personnel and officers, in all their posts of sacrifice, heroism, and redemption.

May glory and eternity be to all innocent martyrs, who are alive with their Lord in the paradise and with the prophets, the saints, and the righteous. What a good companion!

Many happy returns,

May God's peace and mercy, and blessings be upon you.

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