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Jawf, forgotten governorate, 3-3
By: Faez al-Makhrafi

Translated by: Mahmoud Assamiee

If the state absent, tribe activates 

SANA'A, August 25 (Saba)-Dr. Mohammad al-Dhahiri, the professor of political sciences demands state be existed in Jawf with its development jobs and in all deprived areas. "Citizen feels strong citizenship when finds the country charities and this charities must be distributed on all country's governorates.

"Development's delay in some governorates, among them Jawf, is one of the greatest dangers facing the country as a political and economic component," he added.
He affirms that when the country is absent, tribal groups activate. " Governorates open to exterior countries is a very dangerous matter because they are haven for gangs and groups the country must speed up development to avoid setbacks in the future," he said.

Al-Dhahiri adds that there is a district in Jawf has become save haven to car gangs and highway robbers. Every now and then the tribes in this district press the county by their loyalty.

Not to be a haven to terrorists

For his part, Chairman of Parliament's Rights and Freedoms Committee Mohammad Al-Shayef demanded the government to do its duties towards Jawf people saying: "Jawf needs to be in exceptional situations and especial program from the government to make development successful and to be like other governorates."

"Jawf annual budget is very low and consecutive governors deal with Jawf as a district in other governorate. They do not treat Jawf equally with Amran, for example, which got YR 40 billion as support from outside the budget," he added.

He said that several governorates have been established since eight years and their conditions have been changed radically. We do not envy them, he said, but we find it strange why Jawf governorate is not given equal concern?

"If Jawf is a governorate expelling development, we must approach her more to qualify it. Most its citizens are good philanthropists wanting development and peace."

Former Governor of Jawf Naji Thawabah says : " Politicians and leaders believe the necessity of applying the local governance with broader power. But applying this in Jawf is not in the interests of the governorate or other counterparts for very scientific reasons."

He says there is a great gab between Jawf and other governorates because specialized human cadres are those who have to carry out works and duties. In case these specializations are absent, there will be great difficulty to carry out development.

Thawabah talks about the governorate components, they are represented in fertilized agricultural lands which are suitable to produce several kinds of grains, citrus trees, vegetables and other products.

He refers to Dutch study conducted recently. According to this study, if Jawf cultivated, it would have cover 40 million people due to exiting wide fertile agricultural lands rich of ground waters. These lands are fertile because they are receiving floods coming from surrounding mountains with great quantities of organic substances which are considered organic fertilizers. In some flood grooves, alluvium layer, which formed over hundreds or thousands of years, is 17 meters.

Over tourism, Thawabah says " Jawf is one of the richest governorate in terms of antiques given the number of architectural sites have been discovered there until now. There are around 53 posts dating back to the ninth century Before Christ. Historical studies discovered important kingdoms like Nashan, Kaminah, Haram, Enba, Barkesh, Beidha'a and Qarnaw.

All these kingdoms were speaking one language called Ma'ini or " Mathabi" the name comes from a valley called Wadi Mathab in Jawf. This valley was famous of green garden surrounding it because of plenty of water there.

" Jawf's archeological importance makes it necessary to have clear plan and programs for exploration associated with strict protection to the country's antique wealth against attack incidents by looters happening every now and then," said former governor of Jawf Naj Thawabah.

"Sorrowfully, archeological sites in Jawf are exposed to the worst kinds of tamper due to random digging and search by antique merchants…, some merchants who use tractors to make quick search for antiques and then sell them outside the country," he said painfully.

He reveals that many information about Jawaf Valley's civilization still covered underground and that archeologists' findings and those who loot antiques suggest that the valley is rich in antique treasures.

" I did my best to stimulate concerned bodies to do their rule for protecting antique sites and to stop those who play with antiquities. Even ancestors tombs are exposed to tamper and I hope that government's efforts be continued to put an end to these practices for that a nation without a history is without identity," he maintained.

He considered the governorate's problems complicated ones with different forms, cultural, educational and social, both are responsible on development's delay in Jawf. He called for realizing strategic development projects generating work opportunities and bring economic change to the governorate.

He suggested establishing national corporation to invest in agricultural and industrial fields and to be in charge of giving licenses to those who want to establish local agencies to invest available resources in the governorate.

He says that this suggestion has a number of aims the most significant one is participation of local society in supporting development projects in the governorate to encourage people to work and cultivate.

He also suggested that the number of the establishers be 120 people from the 12 districts composing Jawf by ten persons from every district. Every establisher has to contribute with YR 100,000 share of the corporation capital which will reach YR 12000,000.

The establisher must be chosen on the basis of culture, education, desire, understanding, social representation, good fame, nationality and strength and he must be truthful, honest, national, capable and qualified.

The former Governor of Jawf Naji Thawabah says from my reading to the situation in Jawf and after studying all possible choices I do not find any other preference better than establishing a corporation.

The corporation aims mainly to ensure social participation in securing investments and investors, fighting the phenomenon of kidnapping and highway robbery. It will work on ensuring investment plans, promoting development and on creating good social movement.

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UPDATED ON : Thu, 15 Nov 2018 13:42:54 +0300