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Targeting Hodeidah oil facilities confirms criminal intents to eradicate Yemenis: Human Rights Ministry
[25 March 2019]
President stresses the importance of take benefit from the rainy season to grow grain
[24 March 2019]
YPC organizes protest in front of UN Office in Sanaa
[24 March 2019]
President discusses with Ryma Governor situation in province
[24 March 2019]
Extended meeting calls to marks4th anniversary of steadfastness against aggression
[24 March 2019]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Two rallies in Hodeidah to protest against aggression violation
[25 March 2019]
Politburo of Ansarullah calls for massive rally over four years of steadfastness
[25 March 2019]
÷Army's spokesman: More than 20 Saudi soldiers killed and dozens wounded in an offensive operation in Jizan
[24 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy human, material losses in Asir
[24 March 2019]
Mass rally in Amran to mark 4th anniversary of steadfastness against aggression
[24 March 2019]
Army inflicts heavy losses on Saudi aggression over 24 hours
[25 March 2019]
Army shoots down reconnaissance plane, over 24 past hours in military attacks
[24 March 2019]
4 years of war, blockade result in epidemics..Emergence of diseases in Yemen eradicated for decades : Press Investigation
[23 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led mercenaries heavy losses over last 24 hours : Report
[22 March 2019]
Army inflicts on saudi-led coalition huge losses over last 24 hours : Report
[21 March 2019]
FM meets Lise Grande to enhance efforts to overcome worsening humanitarian situations
[25 March 2019]
Parliament condemns Trump's remarks on occupied Golan Heights
[23 March 2019]
Olympic team begins their Asian qualifying competitions with heavy loss in front of Iraq
[23 March 2019]
FM confirms Yemen's rejection of Trump's statements on Golan
[23 March 2019]
FM condolences his Iraqi counterpart over the sinking of Iraqi ferry
[22 March 2019]
  About President
President Saleh: Ramadan is month of tolerance and welfare

SANA'A, (Saba)- President Ali Abdullah Saleh said the Holy Month of Ramadan is a golden chance for religions and cultures to meet and for human beings to practice more tolerance and help each

It is a good opportunity to purify our souls and hearts in this Holy month, which is full of good lessons and spiritual benefits for all people and nations, said president Saleh in his address to nation on the advent Ramadan.

He urged all to get this opportunity to act well and avoid hatred and extremism and all "negative and meaningless actions" that disagree with Islamic values.

President Saleh urged Yemeni people to serve the country, fight bad habits, negative phenomena and social and political diseases that seek to harm the Yemeni society and national unity.

We need to invest efforts of all political and social groups, clerics, politicians and civil society organizations and others to counter abnormal phenomena and illegal acts that target the national
unity and obstruct the development process exploiting the atmosphere of freedom and democracy that Yemen enjoys, said the president.

These suspicious actions will be spoiled by the honest sons of Yemen and its armed and security forces, he added.

He called all to be optimistic and aspire for better future "We have to do all what enable us to keep the unification and enhance the social harmony and welfare in our country," he said.

He confirmed that dissolving issues and problems, especially economic, could not come true through faking facts, violating law and order and organizing riots to spread hatred amongst Yemeni
people, but through objective solutions that meet the needs of people according to the country's available resources.

"We welcome any objective views, from the opposition parties or anyone, so the government can tackle the increase in price of some commodities, the problem of many countries due to pricing changes in the global markets, he said. "The government is doing the best to find better solutions for all social and economic problems."

He said the government's priority is to expand the cultivation of cereals and wheat and to end the monopoly of merchants and to bring violators to justice as well as achieving strategies that might
create more job opportunities.

He urged the government to go ahead in its reforms program and find different resources that could support the national economy and to attract investments.

President Saleh highlighted some achievements related to his election program such as enhancing the independence of judiciary, democracy and adopting transparency and fighting corruption.

The president affirmed that the decision to prevent carrying guns in the capital Sana'a and other cities weapons and collaboration of people with the state to bring the decision into effect has proved a
real national loyalty and obligation to law and order.

The life of freedom is the life of unity under the care of Almighty…and the life under democracy means to live with brotherhood and love and social and political equality and justice and to
respect human rights, said the president.

He said that dialogue remains to be the most excellent approach to close the door of ugly sectarian division and other hatred actions that Islam discards.

We congratulate all Yemeni people on the occasion and the soldiers and armed and security forces in particular for defending the country and achievements of two revolutions, 26 September and 14
October and risk their lives to make the people and country safe.


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UPDATED ON : Mon, 25 Mar 2019 19:49:07 +0300