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Health Ministry: humanitarian disaster will result in closure of Hodeidah port
[17 June 2018]
President sends condolences on death of Sheikh Al-Sammad
[17 June 2018]
Interior Ministry ‘s officials visit security points in Ibb, Dhamar
[17 June 2018]
Ibb officials paid a visit to Taiz’s front
[17 June 2018]
Security services arrest aggression collaborators cell in Hodeidah
[17 June 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
Armored, military vehicle destroyed in Marib, Jawf
[17 June 2018]
Saudi soldiers killed, injured in missile bombing in Najran
[17 June 2018]
Commander of Saudi-paid mercenaries killed in Serwah
[17 June 2018]
Army repels mercenaries’ infiltration in Bayda
[17 June 2018]
15+ Saudi-led airstrikes hit Hajjah
[17 June 2018]
Report: Army kills, injures dozens of Saudi troops, destroys vehicles on 24 hours
[17 June 2018]
Report: African immigrant killed in Saudi-led air, ground attacks over 24 hours
[17 June 2018]
Yemen army inflicts aggression forces heavy losses in Western coast
[16 June 2018]
Report: Yemen army achieves great victories over 24 hours
[16 June 2018]
Report: Over 15 Saudi-led airstrikes hit Yemen over 24 hours
[16 June 2018]
Foreign Minister meets UN envoy
[17 June 2018]
UN envoy arrives in Sanaa
[16 June 2018]
EU: Attack on Hodeidah will have devastating consequences for Yemeni people
[14 June 2018]
UN envoy warns of serious consequences for civilians due to escalation in Hodeidah
[14 June 2018]
UNICEF warns of attack on Hodiedah
[13 June 2018]
  About President
President forms committee for studying negative social phenomena

SANA'A,  (Saba)- A republican decree No. 17 for 2007 was issued on Wednesday over setting up a committee for following up and studying social phenomena that negatively impact on the social peace, national unity and development.

According to the decree, the committee contains fifty members in addition to Salam Mohammed who was appointed as chairman. The decree states that the committee directly belongs to the presidency.

It determined tasks of the committee which will focus on studying security disorders such as revenge, carrying weapons, kidnapping, extremism and banditry.

The committee will study other negative practices like tribal, regional and sectarian fanaticism in order to present suggestions to tackle them, the decree states. It also mentioned that the committee would evaluate negative impacts of civil war of the 1994 to put suitable solutions to resolve them forever.

The decree also authorized the committee to study economic and administrative defects, especially price hikes in order to offer solutions for reducing impacts of those faults on the life conditions of people.

The committee will study reasons behind failure of several development projects across the country, the decree reads.

Meanwhile, a republican decree No. 153 for 2007 was issued to approve acooperation protocol in field of youths between Yemen and Syria. The protocol was signed last January in Damascus.

Republican decree No. 154 for 2007 approves a cooperation protocol between Yemen and Syria in field of sports. It was signed last January in Damascus.

Republican decree No. 155 for 2007 approves executive program for cooperation agreement between Yemen and Jordan in field of sports and youth. It was signed last February in Sana'a.

Decrees No. 156, 157 and 158 for 2007 were issued to set up local transport corporations in Sana'a the capital, Aden and Hadramout governorates. Each decree contains six chapters including objectives, tasks, authorizations of these corporations as well as their financial and administrative systems.

According to the republican decree No. 159 for 2007, Ibrahim al-Sanhani was appointed assistant director of Prime Minister office for services affairs.

Decree No. 160 for 2007 appoints Jamal Abdul-Shakir as head of monitoring sector, awareness and water rights in the General Authority of Water Resources.


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