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Yemen's Oil ministry condemns forcing Saudi-led coalition three vessels to leave port of Hodeidah
[15 November 2018]
Al-Mashat meets WFP's Executive Director
[14 November 2018]
Army shoots down two coalition spy planes in Jizan
[14 November 2018]
Finance Ministry approves 3 mln riyals loan to Electricity Corporation
[14 November 2018]
Hodeidah local authority condemns aggression attacks on travelers in Hodeidah
[14 November 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
7 aggression airstrikes wages on civilians' houses in Saada
[14 November 2018]
Artillery bombards Saudi-led mercenaries in Asir
[14 November 2018]
President hails role of Sanaa sheikhs in facing Saudi aggression
[14 November 2018]
2 Children injured in Saudi-led artillery shelling in Hodeida
[14 November 2018]
3 Saudi-Led air strikes hit Jizan
[14 November 2018]
11 civilians killed, injured, series airstrikes on Hodeidah, Saada provinces
[14 November 2018]
At least army launches 1451 targeting operation against coalition's invaders in west coast : Report
[12 November 2018]
Report: Series of Saudi' airstrikes hit provinces in the 24 hours
[12 November 2018]
2 Civilians killed, 13 injured in aggression coalition-led crimes over past hours : Report
[11 November 2018]
Army carries out military attacks, rocket, artillery shelling on enemy sites
[10 November 2018]
GFF signs contract with Slovak coach to lead national team in the Asian Cup finals
[14 November 2018]
America has chosen the wrong way to impose sanctions, it will be defeated : Rohani
[14 November 2018]
Shura Council sends letter to UN Secretary-General
[14 November 2018]
Putin calls for regular dialogue between ASEAN countries and Eurasian Union
[14 November 2018]
Palestine's Foreign Ministry calls for international protection for the Palestinians
[14 November 2018]
Prime Minister
Yemeni cabinet reshuffled
[06/April/2007] SANA'A, April 05 (Saba)- A republican dictum No. 50 of 2007 was issued on Thursday to assign cabinet members.

According to the Yemeni Constitution, and the presidential decree No. 8 of 2007 that appointed Ali Mujawar to form the new government the following two decrees were issued:

1-Cabinet is reshuffled as follows:

1- Ali Mohammed Mujawar: Prime Minister

2- Rashad Mohammed al-Alimi: Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior

3- Abdul-Karim Ismail al-Arhabi: Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation

4- Hassan Ahmed al-Lawzi: Minister of Information

5- Abu Bakr al-Qirbi: Minister of Foreign Affairs
6- Hamoud Mohammed Ubad: Minister of Youth and Sports

7- Rashad Ahmed al-Rassas: Minister of Legal Affairs

8- Abdul-Salam Mohammed al-Jawfi: Minister of Education

9- Hamoud Khalid al-Soufi: Minister of Civil Service and Insurance

10- Adnan Umar al-Jafri: Minister of State forParliamentary and Shura Council Affairs

11- Mohammed Nasser Ahmed: Minister of Defense
12- Abdul-Karim Rase: Minister of Public Health and Population

13- Yahya al-Mutawakel: Minister of Industry and Trade
14- Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Saghiri: Minister of Fisheries Wealth

15- Ghazi Shaif al-Aghbari: Minister of Justice

16- Saleh Ali Ba Surrah: Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

17- Amat al-Razaq Ali Humad: Minister of Social and Labor Affairs

18- Nabil Hasan al-Faqih: Minister of Tourism

19- Umar Abdullah al-Kurshumi Minister of Public Works and Roads

20- Abdul-Rahman Fadhl al-Iryani: Minister of Water and Environment

21- Khalid Mahfoud Bahah: Minister of Oil and Minerals

22- Mustafa Yahya Buhran: Minister of Electricity and Energy
23- Hamoud abdul-Hamid al-Hitar: Minister of Religious Endowment and Islamic Affairs

24- Abdul-Qadir Ali Hilal: Minister of Local Administration

25- Saleh Hasan Sumai: Minister of Expatriates Affairs
26- Numan Saleh al-Suhaibi: Minister of Finance

27- Kamal Hussein al-Jabri: Minister of Communications and Information Technology

28- Mansour Ahmed al-Hawshabi: Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

29- Ibrahim Umar Hajri: Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training

30- Mohammed Abu Bakr al-Maflahi: Minister of Culture
31- Khalid Ibrahim al-Wazir: Minister of Transport

32- Huda Abdul-Latif al-Ban: Minister of Human Rights

33- Yahya Mohammed al-Shaibi: Minister of State and Mayor of Sana'a

2-This decree enters into force from the date of issuance and to be published on the official gazette.

The appointed ministers would say the constitutional oath before
President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday.

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UPDATED ON : Thu, 15 Nov 2018 00:01:02 +0300