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Hodeidah local authority appeals international organizations to ambulance wounded citizens
[15 August 2018]
Hodeidah 1 team wins Somod championship for beach volleyball
[15 August 2018]
Artillery hits mercenaries gathering in Lahjj
[15 August 2018]
Health minister deputy inspectes workflow in Dhoha medical camp in Hodeida
[14 August 2018]
Workflow in streets cleaning project in capital inspected
[14 August 2018]
  Saudi Aggression War against Yemen
5 civillians killed in shelling of Saudi-led battleships on Hajjah
[15 August 2018]
Army kills Saudi soldier, shells Saudi army's gatherings in Asir
[15 August 2018]
Army artillery shells gatherings of Saudi-led mercenaries in Lahj
[15 August 2018]
Yemen ridicules America's attempts to shirk its role in aggression against Yemen
[15 August 2018]
Army kills dozens of Saudi soldiers in Najarn
[15 August 2018]
Report: Army inflicts Saudi-led mercenaries losses in lives, equipments over past 24 hours
[14 August 2018]
11 Civilians killed, 18 others injured in Saudi-led airstrikes over past 24 hours : Report
[14 August 2018]
Dozens of Saudi-backed militiamen killed, injured in Najran, Asir, Jizan: Report
[13 August 2018]
Report: Army launches missile attacks on Saudi-led mercenaries over past 24 hours
[13 August 2018]
Reporter: 15 Saudi-led airstrikes hit several provinces over day
[13 August 2018]
Saudi extremist regime commits genocide in Yemen : Slovakian Parliament
[15 August 2018]
Deputy PM, UN official stress doubling efforts to combat cholera
[06 August 2018]
ICRC condemns Saudi airstrikes on Hodeidah hospital
[04 August 2018]
Health minister stresses enhancing cooperation with WHO
[01 August 2018]
Al-Masirah TV reporter injured in Saudi border shelling
[01 August 2018]
Sanaa residents send food, medicine convoy to support army in western front
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 23:09:32 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – Residents of the capital Sanaa on Saturday sent a convoy of food and medicine to the army and popular forces in the western front to help them defend the country against the foreign aggressors of the Us-backed Saudi-Emirati-led agg
President appoints advisor to Ministry of Public Works
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 20:46:43 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, issued on Saturday the decree No.( 114) for the year 2018, appointing Abdulwahab Yahya Al-Hakim as an Advisor to the Ministry of Public Works and Roads.
President stresses importance of moral rehabilitation for fighters
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 20:37:05 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – President Mahdi al-Mashat on Saturday stressed the importance of paying attention for the moral rehabilitation of fighters to face the aggression campaigns that target the armed forces personnel.
President directs COCA enhancing supervisory role to combat corruption
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 20:24:12 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – President Mahdi al-Mashat on Saturday directed the Central Organization for Control and Auditing (COCA) to enhance efforts and the supervisory role to combat corruption.
Deputy PM stresses doubling effort to coordinate among security units
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 19:10:49 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Maj. Ger. Jalal Ali al-Ruwaishan on Saturday stressed on doubling effort to coordinate among the field security units.
Health minister discusses plans to develop health system
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 19:09:20 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) – Health minister Taha al-Mutawakil discussed on Saturday a strategic plan to develop standard for the quality of health care and system.
Parliament reviews report on fight against cholera epidemic
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 17:55:00 +0300
SANAA, July 28 (Saba) - The Yemeni parliament reviewed in its meeting on Saturday a report, prepared by the parliamentary committee on water and environment, on the fight against cholera epidemic in the capital Sanaa and several provinces.
Mahweet tribes declares public mobilization to support coast front
Sat, 28 Jul 2018 17:05:04 +0300
MAHWEET, July 28 (Saba) – Tribes of Mahweet province announced on Saturday the public mobilization to support the western coast front, in response to the call of the Yemeni Revolution Leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi.
President praises efforts of military manufacturing units
Thu, 26 Jul 2018 22:47:43 +0300
SANAA, July 26 (Saba) – President Mahdi al-Mashat praised on Thursday the efforts and achievements made by the defense ministry's military manufacturing units in deterring the Saudi-led coalition.
Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi: Aggression countries' intransigence hinders peace negotiations
Thu, 26 Jul 2018 20:44:31 +0300
SANAA, July 26 (Saba) – The leader of Yemeni revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, on Thursday said the problem hindering the peace negotiations is the aggression countries' intransigence and their rejection of the comprehensive political solutions.
FM stresses importance of peace to stop bloodshed in Yemen
Thu, 26 Jul 2018 18:06:45 +0300
SANAA, July 26 (Saba) - Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf on Thursday emphasized the importance of peace as an option to stop bloodshed in Yemen.
Cabinet praises navy's offensive against aggression forces in Mocha
Wed, 25 Jul 2018 20:46:11 +0300
SANAA, July 25 (Saba) – The Cabinet hailed on Wednesday the offensive launched on Monday by the Yemeni naval forces against the Saudi-led aggression coalition forces' gathering in Mocha port of Taiz province in the western coast.
Yemeni parliament withdraws medical specialties bill
Wed, 25 Jul 2018 20:10:19 +0300
SANAA, July 25 (Saba) – The Yemeni parliament on Wednesday approved to withdrew the bill of medical specialties was presented by the National Salvation Government.
Health ministry to kick off polio immunization campaign in August
Wed, 25 Jul 2018 12:05:11 +0300
SANAA, July 25 (Saba) – Ministry of Public Health and Population on Wednesday said it is arranging a national polio immunization campaign across the country to be launched in August, the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.
President praises naval forces' military operation in Mocha
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 21:01:13 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday praised the military operation of the Yemeni naval forces against the Saudi-led aggression coalition forces in Mocha port.
Minister of Water discuss cooperation aspects with UNICEF
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 19:58:45 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) – Minister of Water and Environment Nabil al-Wazir met on Tuesday in Sanaa with Deputy Representative of UNICEF, Sherin Varkey.
President, Deputy PM discuss security situations
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 19:25:06 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) - President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday discussed with Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Jalal al-Rowishan, the security situations in the capital Sanaa and provinces.
President meets Prime Minister
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 19:06:32 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) – President Mahdi al-Mashat met on Tuesday with Prime Minister of the National Salvation Government, Abdul Aziz bin Habtuor.
President urges enhancing local authorities' performance
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 18:44:22 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) – President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday stressed the importance of exerting more efforts to enhance the performance of the local authorities to keep pace with the current challenges.
President, minister discusses telecommunication five-year plan
Tue, 24 Jul 2018 18:27:40 +0300
SANAA, July 24 (Saba) – President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Tuesday discussed with Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mosfir al-Numair, the telecommunication sector's five-year plan.
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